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229 - Dine in Grand Millennium Hotel, KL.


So, hello all folks that's reading this! *wave hands*
Yah, as clear as you can see, my blog consist of food, and foods, and lots of foods.
C'mon everyone loves to eat isn't it? Including you, who's reading this. xD
What sounds better than knowing you can dine with someone who has the same interest with you soon? 
Cool! You get to meet new friends came from different places, places with good food, quality food too! 
*clap clap* I sound excited because I'm really eggcited! I can't wait till 12th of April for the winner to be announced! And, and and, it probably might be YOU!!!!!

I've posted this previously about Open Rice. A brief explanation about this website. 
A dining guide written by local people ,features more than 18,000 dining places in the Klang Valley. All are based on personal review. For me it's a one-stop dining guide, when ever I have dilemma  on choosing what to eat, where to eat, OpenRice will be the best solution for me.

Not convinced?What if you sign up and participate in the Join & Dine contest and you might just walk home with one of over 40 prizes , including 3 iPod Touch and 3 Canon IXUS digital cameras, Invitation to Lai Ching Yuen@ Grand Millennium event for 1pax (5 units), and RM20 Starbucks card (30 units).

Take part in it, sign up as a member, follow the T&C written in the website. 
Join us now here and be sure you check all the Signup Boxes. That’s it! So easy to become an OpenRice member to win exclusive dining & lucky draw prizes!
Members of OpenRice (also known as OpenRicers) have many privileges such as access to exclusive vouchers, priority approval for food review submissions, special invites to our regular events, and updates on new features and contests.
To qualify for the Join & Dine with OpenRice campaign, one is only required to register as a member on our website (, agree to sign up for newsletters and promotional information (checked by default), and link their account to their Facebook account.

Contest Period: April 5, 2012 (11:00am) – April 12, 2012 (11:00am)

Act fast buddy! ;D

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