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242 - Eyuzu Japanese Cuisine(Shumatsu Buffet Dinner)@Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya.

WARNING: It's Japanese cuisine overload!
The award winning Eyuzu Japanese Cuisine, under the helm of award winning Chef Ricky Hui, presents Japanese at its most traditional way. 
Executive Chef has prepared a sumptuous buffet spread for you to bring your family and friends during the weekends as they have the Shumatsu Buffet. With varieties of Japanese gastronomic fare for you to savor, you will be spoilt for choice. Relish in the freshly shackled oysters, baked oysters, sumiyaki, and sukiyaki as well as the very fresh sashimi and sushi!

Hmm..Let the pictures do the talking... and let's start from DESSERTS!!!! ;DD

Mini pancakes.

With arrays of condiments.
Kaya, peanut butter, syrup, blueberry and honey.

Green tea cotton cheese cake.

Saxay cake in pink.

If you have sweet tooth like me, you'd go weak in the knees over the desserts ... It's the most indulgent treats when you're mood is down. lol.
Healthy Fruits department.

Kid's department. 
Kids love fried stuff, whether you agree or disagree. It's just the parents always forbid them. ;p
If I'm a parent, I'll do the same as what typical parent does; unfortunately, Im not yet a parent, and I hope my parents wouldn't stop me from these crispy snacks!! They're all so addictive! It's deep fry till the intense crispiness is achieved. Don't care the calories, don't care the pimples on the face, diet always starts tomorrow. ;)

Cold appetizers.

1. Marinated Scallops.
2. Marinated Baby Octopus.
3. Marinated seaweed.

Salad Dressings.
 Wafu dressing, Thousand island, and Yuzu dressing,

Seafood Salada.
Seafood salad with tonnes of flying egg roe. What else I can say? It's heavenly as you can see.

Nothing new about delicious raw fresh sashimi.


Beancurd with Soya Dashi Sauce.
Potato salad.

Inari Sushi
Sweet bean curd sushi.  I love this. i swear I love this.

Nigiri SushiS.
Assorted suhi with raw fish, too bad Im not a rice lover, so, sushi?Nah, I'll just eat the top of it..;P
Don't want to waste my tummy, I'll just leave some space for other delicacies! 

Marinated White Tuna.
It's lip-smacking good. Surprisingly, I prefer this white tuna more than the thickly sliced sashimi. I don't why, tho their're both equally delicious. The raw fish is marinated with butter and garlic sauces. Very flavorful and fresh. It just glide down my throat so smoothly, and the aftertaste of the fresh fish retained.

Light snacks.

Deep fry prawn head.

A diversity of marine creature- Sashimi. Very fine and dandy , raw but fresh , thick and succulent meat all in one huge ice bowl. Very presentable. I would rate 5/5 for this. 

Just have a look how beautifully the segment of salmon meat is separated with omega-3. Each mouthful of succulent salmon makes you feel like you're on cloud nine.

Lots of goodness.

Highly recommended.
Chef Ricky's specialty light and flavorful seafood soup in a teapot, which is served individually to patrons of the restaurant.

Very clear and tasty broth. It tasted SUPERB!
With a squeeze of lime juice, the broth transform entirely into another refreshing flavor! 
Just like tomyam, but without the 'hotness'. Woo~

Tepanyaki department:

Chicken Terriyaki.
Love this teriyaki-glazed sweet chicken.

Tepanyaki Oyster.
Very humongous oyster wrapped with pan fried egg.
Cheese baked oyster.

very delightful color of sobaS.

Cold Green tea soba.

Mr.Xiang with his shark fin soup.

Mochi. I don't remember when was the last time I had my mochi. But in the future, I will , because I had this. The most right one with fine crushed peanuts. It's served hot, and gooey, and chewy, and when you bite it , you'll love it. The black sesame on the inside burst like a volcano.. oh...goodness.


Sizzling Teppanyaki

Make your own shave ice!
Green Tea mousse and Lime sorbet.

A table full of comfort foods.

and my blog name- greentea & red bean.

Interior layout.
Ask me how I think about this Japanese restaurant? Hmm.. let's say, the best I've ever tasted. Everything they serve was fresh. So so fresh. No compromises if I walk in and pay for no quality foods. The spacious , dim lit lighting makes me feel so homey,too. Eyuzu offered TOOO MANY choices of food, if I were given a wish,  I would wish to have 5 stomach or maybe 10 ,to polish off all the best foods over here... hehehe.
If you don't believe me, you can come try out yourself. 
Once again, satisfaction guaranteed.;P

yaddaa yaddaa. Call me fatty~!xD

The shumatsu buffet is only available for dinner and the buffet is served every Sunday, price at RM86.00++(Adult) and RM43++(Child).
It's located on level 2 in Eastin Hotel.
Operating Hours
Lunch      : 12.00pm- 2.30pm (Daily)
Dinner     : 6.30pm- 10.30pm (Daily)

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