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236 - French Cuisine & Pastry 'From Farm To Table'

Petaling Jaya : A sandwich made with a dash of the humble kunyit(tumeric) by Malaysian chef Darren Chin was name the Best Sandwich in the World at the recent Delifrance Sandwich World Cup competition in France two months ago.

“It is an achievement the sandwich is not a staple food here, but we can still make the best sandwich in the world,”- says Darren.

''As you may know, Darren Chin recently won the 9th Sandwich World Cup held in Paris and because we couldn't wait to savor this amazing sandwich, we decided to specially fly him home for a one time event to showcase this unique Malaysian creation.'' says Annoynmous 

Chef Darren Chin.
''I wanted to show that the French cooking techniques I learned at Le Cordon Bleu Paris can naturally be used with Asian ingredients and of course showcase the uniqueness of the Malaysian palate,” said Chin, 32. 
The theme of this cooking demo is 'From Farm To Table' which is use local ingredients and proper french cooking techniques to produce sensational dishes. Not only will you get to learn how it's made, you'll get to learn a few new recipes and cooking techniques and most special of all the be one of the first few in Malaysia to try something that is literally the best in the world!
Pictures below says how professional Darren is and was.

He's trying to concentrate while decorating his colorful signature dish.

Look at the pebbles of sweat on his forehead.
I have the urge to hand him a tissue , or maybe just help him to gently tab his forehead with a handkerchief. ;P

Gargouillou of Young Vegetables.
Gargouillou - A new meaning to ' Garden Variety'.
A mixture of vegetables, leaves, and flowers, each prepared in a different way — from Thumbelina carrots cooked with saffron to oven-dried spinach — was set upon a “dirt” made from black brioche crumbs and powdered tomato. It was unlike anything I’d ever seen or tasted.

He wanted a dish to showcase the farm’s daily offerings, from roots to leaves. It’s like holding a mirror up to the garden. The cooked vegetables on the plate are individually braised; their juices combined to make the foamy emulsion that represents dew.

I am impressed. Impressed as in how a typical human will think of such kind of dish, where he needs to assemble all fresh ingredients , from the market, and wash, and process all till they're edible. It really took a lot of time. I can tell just by looking at the rainbow plate garnished with lots of edible fresh food. Patience will slowly leads to success. 

Lamb Loin
Next , Chef Darren presented his slowly-steamed-cooked-debone lamb, by using a bamboo steamer, which the temperature is not more that 50degree celsius. This is to ensure the meat is not over-cooked, and the juice inside the lamb is able to be retained, with a pinkish tender texture.

Lamb loin Stuffed with Basil and Candied Lemon Zest.
World Best Sandwich is born.

The Le Cordon Bleu Paris student impressed the judges with his unique Southeast Asian sandwich. The ayam kunyit-inspired sandwich featured marinated sliced pork combined with herbs and spices and picked vegetables. Now, Malaysians will get to taste the award-winning sandwich for themselves as the Dave’s Deli Group bring the sandwich to Dave’s Bistro Bar & Grill and possibly a halal version of the sandwich to Dave’s Deli.

Lastly, to round up his visit, Chef Darren Chin and Chef Hubert will be holding a very special one night only gala dinner in Dave's at RM250 per person on 21 April 2012 that promises to leave you in awe.

Exclusively brought you by Dave's Bistro, Bar & Grill @ One Utama Shopping Mall.

(p/s: Stay tuned for Chef Hubert's cooking demo as it'll be too long if I post it all one shot.)

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  1. awesome post, eunice! thanks for going yeah =)

  2. wah lau..everything looks so good~!

  3. wow u went also? how come i didnt saw u in other's blog's photo one? haha

  4. I don't eat lamb, but i can see the lamb loin is kind of delicious =P

  5. Looks like u're having a good time at the event with the other bloggers. Wish I'm there to feast too!

  6. did he add some of his sweat to the sandwiches?
    mayb that his secret ingredients to make the sandwish so good.. LOL..

  7. Wowww..this what i call Fine of Art..great picture

  8. Hi Eunice,

    Thank you so much for the post. We hope to see you again soon. Do check out our FB page for more updates.

    Cheers from the Dave's Bistro Bar & Grill team.


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