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French Cuisine - From Farm to Table (Part II)

... it's a continuous post ...

 Mr.Hubert LY,a gifted pastry chef  , with gel-styled hair, a lil bit chinese-looking( but he is a french) and serious.

Chef was explaining step-by-step on how to make classic french tea cake.

*Photo credits to Jackie 
Chef  making Dacquoise.

Classic French Tea Cake.

 A lot of artwork indeed. So you considering to be a pastry chef? Yes?No?
For me, yes. I will. ;D
I enjoy the process decorating, I think it's so much fun... you get to use your creativity to decorate and just by looking at it makes you smile...^^

Passion Fruit Macaroons.

Chocolate ganache with a hint of passion fruit aroma. It's wonderful! My dictionary only have the combination of chocolate and banana, no chocolate and passion fruit. Awe~shum!

Agrums - with various Local Citrus Fruits, Hazelnut Daquiose and White Chocolate Mousse.
A dacquoise is a dessert cake made with layers of almond and hazelnut meringue and whipped cream or butter cream. Well, Chef Hubert used macaroons to decorate the edge of the daquiose, and golden leaf on top of it. What a grandiose topping conveying a perception of luxury and high value.
Chef Hubert,  Je t'aime.

After all cooking demo, all invited guest were given the privilege to have food sampling session inside Dave's restaurant.

Do you know that French food is pretty food. Even when the meal is simple, it is elegantly presented.This is "peasant" food in its purest form — made from native vegetables, fruits, herbs, local cheeses, fresh milk and cream.
This vast array of high-quality ingredients defines French food.
Meals are an important part of French leisure activity. Meals are more about culture and tradition than simply food or drink. They are about relaxing, good conversation, friends, and family. So, foods were arrange on a clean table and everyone was told to help themselves... 

Macaroons were also arranged gracefully on the table to feast ones' eye before the palate.
it's super ostentatious delight. 
Holding the delicate macaroon, I may look calm, but im already screaming 100x with joy inside. 
''ahhhh!!they're soo fluffy im gonna die''..

Little chef is still decorating the macaroons.
Little chef were surrounded by the hungry hogs. . . Some busy snapping picture, some can't wait to snatch one and throw it into their mouth. I was just standing there, staring at the miniature macaroons. The crowds   were like exerting pressure on the little chef, indicating we're running out of patience, in a subtle way.

and taa-daa. Their masterpiece is done. 
Such heavenly and exalted dessert. 

So sad, cause it only last for less than 5minutes and the tables become squeaky clean. 
Sometimes you get so irritated with Malaysian( no doubt I am) when it comes to manners, everyone were jostling each other just to reach for this delicate macaroons... hmm.. 
in another way, macaroon make us fight.. Not a good sign, it's better if I can make my own macaroon, isn't  it?

You want recipe? *raise eyebrow*
stay tune la...

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  1. you make da macaroon and bring it for me the next we meet yah :))

  2. passion fruit taste is such a unique taste indeed lol


  4. yum yum.. it was a nice event, with good sandwiches and macaroon. nom

  5. That guy's French? Looks Chinese to me... No mille crepe? If I'm not mistaken, that's French.

  6. lol what?! still got part 3? LOL

  7. beautiful and sweet ,Passion Fruit Macaroons wish to try it :P

  8. btw chef hubert is not the Meilleurs Ouvries de France 2004. he is working with one of the Meilleurs Ouvries de France 2004 :)

    Latest: The Healthy Bar

  9. The macarons very very tempting.:)

  10. Yo, not sure if you got the FB messsage but he's not the winner of the Meilleurs Ouvries de France 2004. You may wanna remove that to avoid potential complications in the future. Hubert's only 13 years old in 2004 anyway XD Tiger AMF 2012 a DISAPPOINTMENT

  11. I just had Macaroons at TWG the other day. Love the sweets! Interesting way of eating off the table. Sure it's clean?? Hahaha!

  12. Hi Eunice,

    Thank you so much for the post. We hope to see you again soon. Do check out our FB page for more updates.

    Cheers from the Dave's Bistro Bar & Grill team.


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