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246- The Executive Lounge Breakfast @ Eastin Hotel

It's good when you first open your eyes and you're feeling fresh. Nothing beats that feeling. Cause I rarely encounter that. Everyday, waking up in the morning, I feel sluggish...tired, no quality sleep. Hate that. and the rest of the day I will be like this,-.- my eyes is already small enough, but still could barely open ...
So, I remember last weekend when I was in Eastin Hotel , I love their room ,the cocktail bar lounge their good service, their  Shumatsu Dinner Buffet , and last but not least, their executive lounge breakfast.
It's located on the 17th Floor where you get to see the panoramic view from top ... Ahh.. that's what I'm looking for everyday...

And so after waking up and did ONE SIT UPS (from my bed to the floor), brushed my teeth, and I dragged  my heavy body up to the executive lounge for breakfast...! 

Dim sum- 'siew mai'.

Honey Glazed ham

Chicken Sausage

Breakfast cereals.

Assorted flavors of Yogurts

Very healthy breakfast. Love all the cereals,yogurt and muesli!

Assorted Cold Cut
Smoked salmon ,anyone?;D
Cheese cube with crackers.

Salmon and ham

Smoked ham

Garden salad.

little jam packs.

..and some baked stuffs- Danish, bread, cruller, doughnut, eclair, muffin, pastry, scone and sweet bun.
Don't matter how you eat them(toast/ plainly) , they'll taste equally delicious! 
Fluffy buns.

Banana Cake.

Chocolate Muffins.

Awakening coffee aroma..

Or if you prefer something made freshly, you can order from the breakfast menu.. such as pancakes, scramble eggs, half boiled egg, egg toast...

Rasin French toast.

Omelette with your choice of condiments.
Beef bacon, chicken ham, cheese, olives, tomato , spring onion and capsicum.
Sunshine eggs with sausages and ham!!
It's like 'Ultraman'!

Hash browns.

Scramble egg.

GrilledTomatoes & Baked beans.

Live everyday as if it were your last. XOXO.

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  1. It ain’t easy to ifferent patterns, colors and shapes which are very good

  2. every good breakfast just makes up the rest of my day :)

    Latest: Of Latest Hit: Sesame Ramen

  3. Ooooh wow. I wish every morning could be like that for me!

  4. What an indulgence! Just back from shopping trip in Korea. So tired! Have a good week ahead!

  5. OMG! The food looks so good!!! The salmon, breads, COFFEE!!! OMG i'm going crazy and very hungry right now.


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