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245- Sanbantou,The Pork Place@ IOI Boulevard.


Ice Latte.

I suspect they use 'gula melaka'(Palm Sugar) for this. Not too sweet, just nice. 
Braised Pork Leg with Garlic Rice.
 Yummmm.. Yes yes yes yes yes. This is it. This is something that I've been looking for so long. The aromatic garlic fried rice. Not too dry,but a ...I love the rice. Not to mention the pork leg, it's tender, not to say 'very'tender, but at least I can still chew it. Some restaurant they use meat tenderizer, and when the meat enter your mouth, it'll melt. Jeez. Gross, I don't like that, I wonder how much chemical is in it. ;P . Now this is different.*recommended*.

 Next, I had.... a healthier sandwich!

Roast Pork Sandwich. RM21.
It's oven roasted pork slice, healthy choice with salad. But comes to fries, nothing is healthy... So, put the fries aside.......................and I still polish it after that. No will power at all. -.-

For illustration purpose.
 Thinly roasted pork slice, with onions, cucumber and drizzle with specialty sauces. I think this is more like a burritos , not sandwich.. When you're eating something ordinary in some extraordinary restaurant, everything taste better. It. just. does. without reason. Simpli-licious.

Hot Coffee.
 Nothing to shout about their beverage. Very mild and not-so-aromatic coffee.

Pork shoulder with cream pea sauce.
This is huge. So big portion. I doubt you can finish it alone. Drag somebody along to share this with you. Not bad though. Buttery, creamy, and plate-licking-good. LOLZ. 

Interior layout.

 I kinda love this place because it is less crowded and cozy. The light intensity is good in every corner of the restaurant. Very suitable for me to take some good pics. ;)
So if you haven't try this place out, you should. Well, at least you can enjoy the ambiance over here. The waiters are friendly as well, very observant. Overall , it's a good dining places for me. 

Will visit back.

Pork Place
Lot31, IOI Boulevard,
Jalan Kenari 5, Bandar Puchong Jaya
Tel: 03-8076 9608

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  1. the amount of mayonnaise certainly were a very deprived lot then

  2. overload with meat fats and so on lol :P nice 1 XD

  3. oinky goodness! not tried this branch though.

  4. wah a lot of porks! I would love to know how much the pork with rice cost :)

  5. Food looks tempting. Very nice. :)


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