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243- Home Baked Cheese Tarts.

 It's been a while since mom last bake her cheese tarts; Whenever dad and I pass by the bakery, dad never fails to mumble ''I want to eat cheese tart ''(yah, just like a kid, haha)  and I will just pretend that I never heard of it. (I feel so bad, I know,but the only thing I'm thinking was, I don't want to let him eat such  full-of-saturated fats stuffs, all I cared was his health). 
One day, out of the blue,  mom, as a spoiler, she bake a full tray of mini cheese tarts for all of us... And her tempting-petite-tarts successfully made me fall head to toes over it. 

 I did help her, throughout the process. You know? I helped her to pick up the teeny-weeny pieces of pastry that falls of the mold, and put it into my mouth; I helped her licked of the creamy cheese , which fails to sit atop of the crust pastry... and and and!!! I help her to decorate the tarts, with blueberry jam! *feel proud* ;D

It's really time-consuming process. Mom sat down a few hours, just to mold the pastry, then bake it, then wait for the mold to cool down for easy-handling, remove the tart shell one by one, washing the mold patiently... beat the cream cheese...wash the greasy-kitchen-aid... Ahh... finally... Chill the tarts. It took almost half a finish the tarts.
and then, I took over her, to snap all these delicate babies, like start.. *light flashing everywhere* hahaha!!!

You know what my job is? other than a photographer, I am a food-sampler. Have to 'tax' some before they enter the fridge, and gone missing in a blink of an eye.
Best-guilt-free tart

 I love mini cheese tarts, cause it contains less calories, but still able to satisfy my sweet tooth. *om nom nom nom* 
The neatly arrange tarts.
Into the tupperware they go!

Just a gentle reminder Mothers Day is around the corner, what are you guys planning to do? ;P
Do something for her! Maybe for me and my brothers, we'll make her bake more, and just whack all of them! She'll love it. She enjoy watching us eat greedily... Hahah!

Lastly, all deary readers would you do me a favor just by voting for me?*sincerely ask for help*

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  1. hahah Happy Mothers Day! remember leave some for me :P

  2. :D cheeze tart :D I won't some too~

  3. Yummy,the tarts makes me drool~~~

  4. owh mai! my fav coz of the cheese!!! I want it tooo! :D

  5. Omgggg share the recipe pleaseeee :P Mini tarts are so cute la omgggg

    1. serious ah? U want? Sure, PM me in FB..I lazy type here.

  6. I don't really like to eat bread *tongue*.

  7. Looks superbly awesome!

  8. they look gross. sorry. and the blueberry jam were like plopped from a bird's backside lol!


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