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241 - The Divan @ Eastin Hotel.

The Divan- Fitted with a gallery displaying an array of Cuban History, walk-in humidor , an island bar and plush furnishings, the Cigar Divan is one of the premier cigar and wine outlets in town. Complementing the cigars are an exquisite collection of wines, liquors, non-alcoholic beverages and delectable snacks.

The chit-chat  island bar.

Best place for a nice chit chat. There's no set drinks list but the skilled bar tender will make you up a cocktail according to your tastes. Though the room is relatively small and the bar somewhat out of the way in terms of location, it's a warm and welcoming space, dim lit and inviting, bottles of liquor as decoration. The service is impeccable, too.

Finger snacks.

 I don't quite sure what's the name for this. All I know is I enjoyed sampling every piece of 'em. Tuna, smoked salmon and bruchetta.
Swan shaped cream puff.
 Very elegant swan I would say. Look how they proudly parading themselves on the metal plate.

Cheese Crepe.

On the side of the bar, there's a perfect place to perch while sampling a glass or two premium wine, or vodka, or maybe, some specially-prepared beverage by the Mixologist.

Jonnie Walker + Glenrothes.
Feeling bored? Play some games!
Stacko!! Most heart-thumping game where you have to keep stacking the tower until it becomes unstable , and y'all screams when it falls. Though it's just a simple game, I bet everyone enjoys it. 

Chess / Chest. 


Chardonnay -White wine.

Assortment of alcoholic beverages.

...Of the simple and elegant interior, the jazzy and beautiful chandelier hanging above, bottles of wine as decor at the see-through windows. . .Very attractive if you see it from far.

Cheese stick.
 I was busy munching my cheese stick and bread sticks all the while. Can't help with my itchy mouth. Gonna sew it before it's too late. ;P
It's been a while since I post my pic on this blog... So, ahem. yeah, enjoy the pics below.
Yours truly & Fish

Look at her dress! It's fish!! So cute, Fish, yes Fish, I'm talking to you fish. ;DD

Jenn and her family.


Pretty Esther and I.

                                               Located at the first floor of Eastin Hotel.

Operating Hours2.00pm - 1.00am (Monday - Friday)
3.00pm - 1.00am (Saturday)

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  1. awww Swan shaped cream puff & cheese stick :D lovely~~

  2. Cheese stick or cream stick yo.. why no me inside one..


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