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240 - Eastin 4 Star Hotel@ Petaling Jaya.


One of Asia's foremost tourist and business destinations, Malaysia boasts of international-class facilities and amenities that rival some of the world's best. I was so lucky to be invited to have a two days one night stay over there to 'explore' how true it was, the previous statement.


I was granted a executive deluxe room for that day. The Executive Deluxe rooms feature approximately 55sq ft of space and in-room amenities include an electronic safe, air conditioning, mini fridge, attached bathroom with hot shower facilities and long bath, Wi-fi access, color TV and king-sized bed.

Man, this is superb, I am treated like a Princess when I once stepped in this hotel.

Look at my comfy bed.
and only-belongs-to-me telly.

I feel like rolling on my bed again and again. and scream with joy. wtf. nobody sees me  ;P

Spacious living hall.

Recognised by Hospitality Asia as the 'Best Business Hotel' for 4 years straight, Eastin Hotel (Petaling Jaya), Malaysia is definitely above many others. I strongly agree with this as I mean superb service that they'd given. From it's literally luxurious offerings and warm service, they also provide leisure amenities such as gym and swimming pool.

The forever-stand-by ,friendly employees at their respective place.

Very spacious and uncrowded hall. The solemness of the ambiance makes everyone feel home. Don't you think so?I love the earnest good service of everyone over here as well. Even if you accidentally exchange glance with them, they'll for sure return you a broad smile on their face.

So, time to go for a swim after checking-in the hotel. 
Candid shot.
Dylan boy splashing water merrily in the pool with his lovely dad. 
Ahh.. what a good moment.

Caden boy swimming with 'Superman' style.

I totally enjoy the superb comfort facilities(gym & swimming pool) and an exceptional seamless service over here. As a food blogger, blogpost without food isn't complete, so stay tune for my next post. 
Eye-satisfaction guaranteed. 
By the way, a night stay in Easin is never enough. Will visit back. 

13 Jalan 16/11, Pusat Dagang Seksyen 16
46350 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel : +603- 7665 1111, 
Fax : +603-7665 9999

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  1. wow wow super fast! Im still dreaming of that big bed!! ooh btw, my boy's name is spelled as Caden :D

  2. So you stayed alone in the room? So niceeeeee! I wouldn't wanna leave if I were you :3

    1. I ask my brother to come along to stay wiht me..hehehe!

  3. Wahhh~~ I wanna sleep at that huge bed!!

  4. i want sleepover the next time we go there XD

  5. its good to hole up in hotels in the same town that you stay. a home away from home:D

    1. haha! agree!!! so fun! and if u feel like going home, u can go, anytime!;D

  6. me too... still dreaming of the bed! and the fab Japanese meal... hehe =)

    1. HAHA! Fab japanese meal... But I overeat. feel like ...ermm.. u know..puke. ahaha! But the sashimi was really succulent!

  7. still thinking the comfy bed and the strong power shower head!

    1. I miss the bathtub.. where I had my hot shower there..

  8. Yup, it's pretty nice. I stayed here during my sister's wedding (was based in Sibu back then).

    Yeah, agree with missyblurkit, sometimes it's fun to just book a hotel and pretend to be on vacation. :)

    1. pretend to be on vacation..! hahah! U do that very often, dont u ?;p

  9. Wow.. I like this kind of weekend short holiday!


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