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238- Pan Salt VS Table Salt


 What's Pan Salt and normal salt?

If you love salt but hate what it does to your health, read the following and compare it yourself.

Pan salt

  1. Low-sodium mineral salt with Iodine that gives food the same savory flavor as common salt without the harmful effects. 
  2. Rich in the essential minerals Magnesium and Potassium - Unlike common salt that only has Sodium Chloride, the primary cause of high blood pressure that can lead to heart attacks, strokes, and kidney damage. 
  3. It has further been found to improve the therapeutic effects of treatment drugs for hypertension
  4. It has the same taste, look and texture of common salt. 

Table Salt
  1. Found in the average kitchen.
  2. Comes from salt mines and refined most of the mineral - Pure sodium chloride.
  3. Some are iodized, some not.
  4. Mineral are relatively low.

So, just a simple comparison, have you decided which is good for your health?

Only pure sodium, which brings no health benefits at all!

I have switch to Pan Salt, have you?

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  1. Pan Salt i tried the one i I am not a fan

    Regardless of the taste, the presentation looks very nice...


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