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237- Millesime's Wine Lunch @ Solaris Dutamas.


Amazing local simple French Fine Dining restaurant with an enormous array of wine.

At Millesime, you don't have to worry of what to choose on the menu because the menu is fix. You only get to eat what's the best of the day. Chef will go to the market everyday to find the freshest and finest ingredients to serve their customers ! So just throw your dilemmatic thoughts away!
Chef knows what's the best for you. All you need to do is walk in, sit down, and relax. Let the friendly waiters serve you... and prepared to be surprised by a parade of the most exquisite, decadently delicate and innovative dishes.

Okay, let's not waste time ...

Freshly home bake baguette.
I am not sure whether this is a baguette or a bread with just-perfectly-hard-crust as outer layer, and contrasting pillowy soft in the center, which full of 'airy holes'. What ever it is, I am totally in love with this. It's so nice to eat with or without the butter. Anyway , the creaminess of french butter did not failed to awe me,too. Google says : 'Butter can perform a very useful role in dieting by providing satiety', but I found it completely in a different way, I simply crave for more....hmmm....;/

Baron Philippe de Rothschild VDP Chardonnay.
On Wednesday, chef will come up with some tasteful dish which goes very well with certain wine.
For instance, we had yellow fin tuna paired with Chardonnay- World's favorite white wine. 
In France, Chardonnay is the second most widely planted white grape variety, hence it's very easy to be obtained. 

Tartare of Yellow Fin Tuna.
Decorated with Raspberry with Fennel salad. The tuna was wonderful. You get to taste the 'freshness' in every bite of tuna chunks .It was indeed an aristocratic dish. I love how chef knows how to play with the colors of food. It's really pleasing to me.

Baron Philippe de Rothschild VDP Merlot
The color is dense and deep with attractive, vivid red highlights. The nose opens immediately on the red fruit, cherry and raspberry aromas so typical of Merlot, enhanced by touches of spice that reflect its Mediterranean origins. Round on the palate, it wraps a full body around silky tannis, striking a fine balance between well-integrated structure and variegated flavors of morello cherry and blackberry with a hint of liquorice. Personally, I think the smooth finishing, long and fresh , gives this very pleasant Merlot great character.

Bresaola of Beef on Poached celery flan with wilted spinach

So, food pairing option for Merlot will be the beef. Slightly brackish, and chewy, similiar to beef jerky, but a lot more softer compared to jerky. Best match with Merlot. You can literally tell how well the flavor gets to blend in together. The Merlot reduce the saltish taste of the beef, and slowly took over the plate. Hey, who says food can't make you dance? I have a strong urge to dance after having this..
In conclusion, I found Merlot is fairly versatile when it comes to food pairing. Poultry, red meat, pork, pastas, salads- Merlot can handle them all well, even for the following dishes..

Crustacean oil Roasted Green garoupa Fillet.
Roasted to perfection Garoupa Fillet. Chef, can you tell me where did you get all this inspiration from? How could you think of lobster sauces for this? Didn't you know it successfully encapsulate my heart?Ah, genius. Such a genius.I can smell the lobster essence from far, it's so aromatic. The thick and fleshy garoupa sitting atop of a bed of cabbage aiks, the description is self-explanatory. *thumbs up*I am drooling in front of my keypad. . . .

A memorable fish . ;P

The concentrated of lobster flavor infused entirely in the sauces. Served with exotic egg roe and french long beans. Astoundingly yummy.

Duck confit Tian, Parsley crust, and Truffle sauce.
A layer of shredded duck confit, then a layer of sauteed sweet cabbage,and the process repeats. Lastly,  sprinkle a thin layer of bread crumbs and in the oven they go until the top layer is slight brown in color.

And for dessert, came the heavenly Silver Rum Macerated Strawberry Pastilla paired with cherry ice cream.
Girls will always be girls, they will fall head to toes over dessert, it just depends what kind of dessert they're in to. For me, everything that contains fruits.
Silver Rum Macerated Strawberry Pastilla
Triangle wrapped filo pastry, stuffed with macerated strawberry, a hint flavor of rum, and dusted with icing sugar. All element on the plate plays it role so welly, they harmonize together like a family. Especially the berry family( strawberry, blueberry,blackberry, cherry and forest berry). 
A hot and cold dessert for a sweet ending align on a long plate so elegantly, I wouldn't want to eat this if I were given one more change, I'd rather feast my eyes; but when I was eyeing the semi-melting ice cream, it was like beckoning me to eat'em!!
''eat me , eat me, quick! I'm melting'' says ice cream.
Heavenly Ice cream
You melted my heart, dear ice cream. I'm so in love with the berry-red color as well!

Lastly, we were serve with an option of freshly brewed coffee or flavored tea.

Coffee never fails to give me an extra push throughout the day.

RM 120 Nett per person
Inclusive of wine.

Millesime is perpetually full, so it's better for you to make a reservation to avoid disappointment. Next thing I would love to acclaim is the hospitality of staffs over here. As clear as you can see, every dish from the day's menu will be introduced and explained at each serving , most importantly, with a broad smile on their face.

Address : (Outside of the building on the extreme right corner)
               G1-01-3, Level G1
                Menara Kencana Petroleum,
                Solaris Dutamas
                No.1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
                50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Contact :+ 603-6211 0648
Business hour : 12pm-12am

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    Wait. You can drink??? XD

  3. The duck confit is quite special, normally what we get just a piece of duck drumstick :P

  4. love the memorable fish :P its presentation looks good

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  7. Great shots my dear.. I thought at first glance that you had already, written up the post from the weekend.. Faint! LOL


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