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234 - Chef Lim Organic Kitchen@ Scott Garden(Jln Old Klang Road)


When I first know that I am going to have organic food, I was in high-spirit; then the 'vegan' organic food comes out from nowhere, then I was like...*scratch head*.
Vegan ?;/
A carnivore is a carnivore, it's impossible to be a herbivore. Anyway, I challenge myself to replace one meal with vegan diet. At first I thought it's going be a tough time for me,cause I'll be craving for meat. Surprisingly, Chef Lim made everything easier. 

Fruit Tea(水果茶). RM14.90 (R) /RM17.90(L)
Taste sweet and sour, made from red apple, green apple,Mango, orange tea, orange juice and passion fruit.

Feel Good Tea (好感觉) RM14.90.
This particular tea has a very strong aroma of Ginseng and Chrysanthemum. I am not a chrysanthemum lover, so I'd prefer the Fruit Tea. It taste like fruit punch.... Anyway, both are beneficial to the body as it was specially prepared from the chef. Feel Good tea is prepared by using Ting fa chou,Yong sam sou,Chrysanthemum,Xiong chi.

Organic Vegan Feast.

Yam Basket . RM 18.90

Fry home made yam paste with sauted mixed veggie. It's totally organic!

Crystal Jade Roll(翡翠卷). RM14.90(S) /RM18.90(L)

The 'jade roll' itself doesn't stand outstandingly but when they're drench in the zesty savory mango sauces, it's totally different story.The hard-to-resist crispy outer layer is super scrumptious!

Coconut Tom Yam(椰子东炎).RM17.90
This is a healthy version Tom Yam which chef has substituted coconut milk with yogurt. It tastes as nice as an original one! The sweet and sourness adjusted so welly together. Cauliflower, corn,coconut meat, and bean curd. It is so capable of increasing your appetite...

 Stew Herbal Mushroom(药材山菇).RM14.90(S) / RM18.90(L)
Mushroom lovers! This is for you. Too bad, I'm not a mushroom person. hehe. 
Anyway, the aromatic broth is made by Goji berry, red kurma, with mixed fresh mushroom.

Kapitan Fish. RM14.90(s) / RM 18.90 (L)
This is my favorite among all.It's also something not to be missed. Totally in love with this delectable and evocative curry ,consist of vege such as egg plant, okra, 'fish' . Lots of spices too! *Highly recommended*
Home made kapitan sauce with yogurt, and fish are made from bean curd and bean curd skin.

Healthy Brown Rice.

Mushroom Cheese Baked Rice. 
Again with vegetarian friendly cheese(without animal rennet) and
fried rice with mushroom.  It's equally delicious with the original one..;)
Basil Leaf Mushroom. RM13.90(S)/ RM17.90/(L)
A very healthy dish. Packed with nutrient, antioxidant and fibre. Confirm visit the loo tomorrow!;D
Fresh Basil Leaf with Fresh Shimeji Mushroom or Fresh whole Button Mushroom.
Lo Hon Zhai.RM 15.90 (S)/RM19.90(L)
I'm very fond of the presentation. It's literally colorful and delicious.

Fruit Pizza. RM19.90
Interesting eh?

Made from vegetarian friendly cheese(without animal rennet)
Fruits with eggless mayonaise. 

Strawberry & apple & cheese.

Not very odd flavor, every element sitting atop of the thin crust harmonize together, everyone was amaze with the combination of fruits and cheese! Big applause for the creative idea!
 Even their cheese is organic! Imported all the way from Australia...

As for dessert, we have chilled puddin.
Passion Fruit Pudding.

Coconut Pudding

Mango Pudding
Price of each dessert is RM5.90. After having such heavy meal, I am not guilty at all as all dishes are organic and vegetable based. It's not about good food, bad food, tasty food, tasteless food, but real food, healthy food.

Organic means going back to reality, original food.
After reading my post, are you tempted to challenge yourself to go for vegetarian?
Maybe just one meal? once a week... Let go your old thoughts and start a healthy and free-from-harm life.

Chef Lim Organic also cater for all range of ages, ethnics, races and sex ; and also other function such as birthdays, annual dinner and meetings, etc.

Chef Lim Organic Kitchen 

Lot 2-47, 2-48 2-49,

The Scott Garden,

4 1/2 Miles,
Jalan Klang Lama,
58100 Kuala Lumpur. 
Contact: 603-7982 3395 / 6017-653 4565

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  1. even though all vege but it looks yummy! =D i want to eat the Lo Hon Zhai!!

  2. nice


  3. The tea! I wanna drink them! :)

    p/s : Can you please vote for me at my latest post? And do enjoy the video, if you find it interesting, do support me! :)Thank you!


  4. Interseting and tempting! But sorry to ask,is it halal?

  5. How come you eat so much also so thin. So not fair!


  6. Food actually looks pretty tasty! Must remember this plc the next time I am in OKR!

  7. Food looks great, but a little pricey right? If you free, drop by Klang one weekend. I take you makan seafood.

  8. hi ! It's HALAL.You all can join the click " lIKE" on Chef Lim Facebook to receive RM10 cash voucher !


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