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233- The Apartment(restaurant and bar)@ e-curve.


Fresh oyster with Lime and Mango Shot. RM11.90

At first I thought was some kind of vodka shot, then I don't dare to drink it. Cause I'm a good girl, always a good girl ...;P
Nah, it's just a lonely oyster flopping in some lime and mango juice. Very authentic and rejuvenating. Good for the guys, you know what I mean...*wicked smile*
The slimy oyster simply just glide down your throat, and then the zestful lime flavor took over and linger on your tongue. 

Surf & Turf

Sirloin steak cuts served with au jus, garlic, chillies, honey glazed tiger prawns & mash potatoes. Wooo, once upon a time, there's two tiger prawns surfing in the ocean, they kept surfing surfing and surfing, then poof....!!
they became coco crunch!

They end up turfing on my plate, pretty cool huh?That's how the name came from I guess. ;P

Almond Crusted Cod .
Almond crusted cod fillet served with clams, beurre blanc and tomato confit. This is absolutely a luscious dish among all. The succulent cod is flawless, soft and tender, pretty distinctive.

Pan fried red Snapper with couscous and lemon butter. Rm39.90
Snapper taste as delicious as ever, just make sure it's fresh and the dainty balmy couscous, ''it's so fluffy im gonna die...''

Jamie's Duck Pasta.
Fettuccine with shredded slow-roasted duck and tomato red wine ragout, topped with toasted pine nuts. 
I love the subtle red wine in this dish. I savor every mouthful of it. The sauce is not too watery, it made sure that every filament of pasta is evenly coated with the special sauces. Outstanding is what I would describe it.

Tossed Plain Pasta.

Sautéed chilli, garlic, coriander and basil tossed with linguine. No doubt it's plain, but still, simple and scrummy. Just put more chili flakes will do. ;) It'll jazz up your palate.

Squid stuffed with Herbs rice. RM25.

 I wish I could have a mouthful of this and let the balmy rice burst into my mouth. That heavenly kind of sensation, you know?I bet you don't! cause it's something beyond your imagination, you couldn't smell what you see from the screen. It's such a pleasant dish. It's jam-pack with the astringency of lemongrass. WOOOOO . nice .

Prawn Capellini.

Next, we have Capellini pasta with tiger prawns, lemon zest, olive oil and marjoram.
I don't know what's that marjoram, but it taste somehow sweet, and lip-smacking. Capellini pasta is similar to the 'angel hair' pasta which you can find it in the supermarket. 

English lamb Curry served with saffron butter rice.

Slow braised lamb served with special briyani, egg, carrot raita (yoghurt) and cashew nuts.  I am not a steak or a lamb lover, cause most of the time when I order steak, or have a free sample from someone, I'll spit it out, cause it's too hard to chew. I couldn't even break down the muscle fibers of the lamb, how am I gonna swallow it? But this time, I can. It's soft and chew-able. ;) No stinky smell, paired with long grain saffron rice, fantastic baby!  Somewhat incomparable. *thumbs up*

Creme Brulee. RM13.90

Rich custard base topped with a hard layer of burn caramel. This. is . the.RICHEST. Creme Brulee.I've.ever.tasted.loh. So sinful yet addictive. Geez. I'm slowly loosing my willpower. -.- Cause I surrounded myself with loads of temptation. .. .. .. .....

Gula Melaka Dumpling. R12.90

Palm sugar dumpling served with coconut ice cream something very similar to Onde-Onde(some sort of malay kuih). Very presentable , appealing to the eye, and my tongue. Everything taste just nice, dainty and chewy; in the midst of eating & chewing, the palm sugar in the centre of the dumpling surprise you. It's served warm with coconut ice cream.

Banana Pecan cake,
Slightly dry but overall taste good.
Red Velvet.
Every girl will scream for this. Separated evenly with a generous amount of cream cheese. Every single layer brings me lots of happiness. 
Premium Dark Chocolate cake.
I name this cake myself ,( Premium, first class) I never tasted such dense and rich, and decent, and rich, and yummy and and and....smooth and,  and you can go weak in the knees over this friggin dark-sticky- chocolatey-cakey. and and and... let's move on...;P

Chocolate Mousse.
Another gooey ooey creamy dessert, dusted with cocoa powder...

Carrot cake.
Homemade Carrot Cake served with mascarpone cream and carrot syrup. Not too sweet but very flavorful. Fit for those who's monitoring their sugar level .
By the time you scroll down here, you're already asking : what?? still got more ?

There's a saying : Save the best for last, hence, the best, was serve last.

Baked Chocolate Pudding.
Moist chocolate pudding with a burst of coffee in the centre served with vanilla ice cream, another sexually transmitted dessert. It's pipping hot, but it's beckoning me to eat it upon arriving. -.- No choice, I impatiently dug in and.....end up...
fanning my unclosed mouth. It's hot. Told ya it's hot. Stubborn girl. ;P
 Cautious before you get addicted. Crap, I'm already addicted to it.-.-


The APARTMENT CURVE, No. G72, G73 & G74, Ground Floor,The Curve, 6 Jln PJU 7/3,Mutiara Damansara, 47800 Petaling Jaya. 

The APARTMENT DOWNTOWN KLCC: Lot g48 & 139 Ground Floor & 1st Floor Suria KLCC Kuala Lumpur.

 Operation hour :

Mon - Sun:10:00 am-12:00 am 

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  1. The food looks very nice, the green dumplings have the best presentation.


  2. ahhhh i like the almond crusted cod! =D

  3. Most of the dishes look so appetizing!!! :D

  4. wah lau weih... nice picture ~

    should have not lookat the pics now making me drool for the cod!

    1. haha! samee~ the cod.......soooooooo zheng!

  5. prawns prawns prawns!!! they look so delicious!!!! *slurp* me hungry dy :(

  6. Food seem like not bad, I remember the food was forgettable when my last visit~

    1. very true. Bt they seems to improve alot! ;D

  7. Prawns and steak... That's an odd combination. I'd love to try the English curry and saffron rice... Saffron? Gee! Isn't that very very expensive? I can only afford to use tumeric (kunyit) for my yellow rice.

  8. I miss the COD Fish oledi ........


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