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229 - Flam's (Thin Crust Pizza)@ KL Jalan Cangkat Bukit Bintang.

Flam's, sandwiches between different bars and bistro, yet stands out so differently among them because of the strikingly red color design. It seems empty because the night is still young and bright, sunset hasn't take place.

Funky French menu.

 I like the luminescence from the deary lighting twirling the cylindrical beam. It gives you a romantic, commodious sensation with or without knowing it. ;) 
I love their settings as well. Tables were placed far between each other, so you wouldn't have to be afraid of    jostling peoples' chair. 

Extra-long dining tables.

Lychee Martini.
The Martini is made with gin and vermouth and garnished with a lemon twist. 
Over the years, the martini has become one of the best-known mixed alcoholic beverages. 
Although there are many variation, in modern practice the standard Martini is a mix of gin coupled with dry vermouth usually in a five-to-one ratio. Shaker mixing is common due to influences of popular culture.

Classic lychee Mojito
A traditional Mojito is made from Rum, Mint Leaf, Fresh Lime, Brown Sugar, and Soda Water. 
The cocktail has relatively low alcohol level. Mint leaves and lime wedges are usually used to garnish the glass. I don't know since when this becomes my favorite among all beverage listed in the menu.

Happy Hour RM19
Normal price RM28

Cosmopolitan. RM21
 Happy Hour rm19. 
What an elegant name. ;)

Paris Flam's Pizza. RM 28.80
 The French one par excellence, turkey ham, mushrooms, mozarella cheese.

 Mushroom Flam's Deluxe .RM 38.80
 An old time favorite : seasoned and glazed mixed fresh mushrooms, cheese, cheese, and cheese.. then a splash of secret oil , an aromatic herbs which turns the pizza completely ambrosial. 

Pepperoni Flam . RM32.80

Made with tomato sauce, egg and oregano flakes,simple, delicious.
I love the runny,yellowish yolk. *thumbs up*

 Ms Joleng, the approachable Public Relations Executive says the pizza is better when it's eaten with hands, it just taste better. Besides, she also taught us there's another way to eat the pizza. Just, roll it. ;D

All pizza originated in the north-east of France, in the Alsace region. Flam is a very thin bread pastry topped with fresh ingredients available from the farm.
It's cooked in a very hot wood-fired oven, for just a few minutes.

Seafood Pasta - RM26.80

An assortment of fresh mussels, octopus, clams, squid, scallops and tiger prawns. You can choose either choice of Alio Olio Style or Tomato Base. The 'marine friends' flock so happily together and when you sink your mouth in it, you feel like you're swimming in the ocean,ooh, oceanly, oh no , wait, it's heavenly!

Salmon Fettucini - RM23.80
 Flat fresh pasta served with Norwegian salmon tossed with fresh tomatoes and dill in a light creamy sauce.
The carbonara sauce is not that rich and creamy as any other carbonara, but they make sure the pastas are al-dente and evenly coated with the sauces. 

Whole Roast Spring Chicken. rm38.80
The luster spring chicken comes in smaller size compared to normal chicken. The meat was remarkably tender , the greasy yet crispy chicken skin triggers my palate, yearning for more. Very well seasoned chicken with pepper and salt, marinated for at least one day, and bring to the oven for roasting. 
Hence , the beguiling roast spring chicken is born! It's finger lickin good. No jokes.
Dessert. RM32.80
As for dessert, we had pizza, too! But another savory pizza! ;D You can choose your very own topping such as apple, banana, or mango. A generous amount of cream lie atop of the crispy thin pizza, paired with thinly sliced banana. I'm enrapture. It was indeed another new dessert for me! Everything blended so welly together.... how should I describe it other than that?.... hmmm
 Let's say, a sexually transmitted dessert. xDDD 
So, don't miss out Flam's- The Thin Crust Pizza whenever your're around!


03-3214 58 222

OPEN UNTIL 3.00 am.

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  1. Wow, love the long table! Certainly a nice place to chill out with friends. Wonderful recommendation, dear!

  2. oh my the pizzas are making me hungry. Worthy place to note checking out :)

  3. Pizzas look fantastic but your pictures look a bit dark.


  4. The pizza dessert look awesome!

  5. pizza as dessert? that sounds kinda unique :)

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  6. everything looks good eh, with the thin crust pizza some more.. tempting~


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