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223 - Yogurugen - Fit Fit Bom Pit Pit.

The recent launch of Yogurugen at One Utama Shopping Centre has caught my attention because of it's very   attractive slogan ''Fit Fit Bom Pit Pit''.
As a fit fit blogger that has attended the talk, I want to share with you the most trusted Japanese detox and intestinal food in Malaysia- Yogurugen ( pronounce as yo-guru-gurn).

A healthy person will pass motion three times a day as we have three meals per day. So you think you're healthy?No.  Most of us live a fast paced and hectic life due to the need to juggle work, family and leisure, This hectic lifestyle has led us to a ''not so healthy'' eating habit. Fast food especially, has became our first choice in the young generation. This eating style weakens our digestive system, resulting our colon being unhealthy. These waste produce toxin that would eventually lead to problematic colon and health condition , one of the major problem is constipation. 

Just imagine how awful it could be if you didn't clean up your food waste in your kitchen for three days?Nasty. 
Stinky scent. Same goes to your colon. Ewwwwwwwwww! You stinky creature.. I wouldn't want to get near you ( I can smell nasty odor through your mouth *scrunch nose*) RUNS. 

Understanding these health concerns, Cason Trading Sdn Bhd, distributor of a series of premium Japanese health and beauty products, recently introduced a new health food from Japan, especially for the intestinal system named Yogurugen.
 Yogurugen has two main function, it encourage good bowel movement as well as to replenish your intestine with good bacteria.

According to Kimmie Ong( Health and Beauty product specialist from Cason), '' Yogurugen is the most trusted household brand in Japan for intestinal food and has been in the market for over 30 years, with over 50 million boxes sold. The product mainly helps the circulation of the purified blood in the body and encourages natural excretion of wastes from the body.''

Kimmie added, ''How it works is that the ingredients in the product, Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium will multiply as well as produce gases through the breakdown of lactose and oligosaccharide. This process will stimulate defecation after two to four hours of consumption and thus attain the purpose of intestine cleaning. One wil also experience comfort after the cleansing and the detox process due to the increase in probiotics released.

Benefits of Yogurugen :
-Does not contain any laxative.
-No stomach discomfort after taking the product.
-Natural ingredients.
-Faster and more efficient results (2-4 hours).
-Contribute weight loss.
-Restore youth and reactivate glowing beauty .
-Detoxify .
Yogurugen- Fit Fit Bom Pit Pit.

Depending on the individual, the recommended consumption method for Yogurugen is just once a week, best in the morning with an empty stomach. It is also advisable to consume the product during weekends, when one has fewer activities, as one might feel the effect of the product quite soon after consumption.

In closing, Kimmie added , '' As a top seller in Japan, we believe that Yogurugen is a very good product.Therefore, we are confident that the product will be well received by Malaysians of all walks of life, now that it is available here. We sincerely hope that our consumers will also be able to benefit from Yogurugen and enjoy a healthy bowel system and intestinal system, which will most definitely lead to a healthier life.''

Yogurugen is available at all major Watsons outlet. For more information on the product, kindly contact Cason at +6 03 7880 6999  or visit their website

I've got myself a Yogurugen, have you? ;)

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