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222- Sawasdee Thai Restaurant


How long since the last time you have a bowl of Tomyam?For me it was....umm. Can't recall back cause none of the Thai restaurant leave me good memories. ;P sorry to say that. 
Until I found this place, Sawasdee Thai.

Best Tom Yam I've ever tasted.

This is absolutely fantastic. I fell in love with the Tom yam soup at the first sip.
The sweet and sour flavor adjusted so nicely together with the 'marine' creature such as prawns, squid and fish, they're always best friends when it comes to Tom yam as they're always together. ;P
The spiciness can be adjusted according to your liking, just remember to put down your request upon ordering.

Bean curd fried with smoked duck.
 Next we have a very authentic Smoked duck with Bean curd which couldn't be found anywhere else. At first I thought nothing special, until I took the first bite of the Smoked duck.My eyes widen, then I took a deep breath...Flabbergasted.

I was overwhelmed. Seriously.
 Have you ever tried smoked bacon or smoked salmon? The smokiness... you know? A lil bit briny but pleasing to the palate. 

Fried Garlic Deer Meat.
The garlic flavor overlay the deer meat.The intense crispiness of the garlic jazz up the entire dish.  If you're afraid of eating deer meat, you can choose beef . Don't limit yourself on trying new dish. Deer meat isn't that awful as it sounds anyway~ ;)
Taste like pork. You love pork knuckle don't you? *ahh just admit it

Clam cooked in thai style.
 The clam is notably juicy as it was imported all the way from Phillipines.
It was literally fresh too! 

Prawn with Thai Chili Paste.

The aromatic coconut milk + lemongrass+ dried chili+ kaffir lime(limau perut) + Galanga (lengkuas) blended into a thick paste and coated on the fresh prawns. Divine and appetizing, best served with white rice.

Deep fried Siakap drenched in sourish thai soup.
 The sourish kick in the palate can really increase your appetite! Me gusto! ;) 
The Thai soup is also one of an authentic kind which cannot be found anywhere else...It was enriched with the aroma of 'belachan'( shrimp paste), lemongrass, asam and the bird's eye chili, sightly salty but..Me still gusto!
I drooled over my keypad when I reminisced about this...*wipe wipe*hehe..

Besides, I had...
Deep Fried Kailan with Kailan
Yah, Kailan with kailan... As you can see, the leafy parts of kailan is shredded and deep-fried, together with the stem part of the Kailan, one ingredient-two usage. Brilliant. Who thought of that? We should crown him/her! The kailan was thinly shredded, and remarkably crispy!
Tho it's kinda greasy but I wouldn't mind the extra calories! ;) I work out... ;P

Thai Green Curry.
 Loads of coconut milk. Perfectly blended with all kinds of spices and herbs. This dish was pretty decent I would say. ;)

Smoked Duck with Thai specialty chili sauces.

Last but not least, this particular Smoked Duck is highly recommended because of the smokiness of the duck meat, this is chef's secret recipe which makes everyone comes back for more!Kelvin, the boss said this dish best go with beer. Cheers!
Will definitely come back for this again with my mom! ;D
She's a Thai Food lover! ;) 
*double thumbs up

Call out to all Thai Food Lover, if you would like to visit this place,

The address is as below:
No 42 & 42-1, Jalan 1/1C, Regalia Business Centre, Subang Jaya,
Kuala Lumpur 47620

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  1. oh man! i want a warm tom yam soup early in this cold morning!!!!

  2. Replies
    1. hahaha, it's amazing read 2 ppl's post same place. I think i really have to try it out with my cousins ald.

      Vist me or drop me comment, latest:

  3. Eunice, u went makan with Fish? Just came over from her blog & saw the dishes. Love the kailan, I make this quite often at home too cause I enjoy having both the soft & crispy mix. Lucky u, get to eat Thai food! Was just telling Fish that my hubby doesn't like Thai food :<

  4. Looks nice. Too bad I can't take spicy stuffs lol

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