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220 - Umami Steamboat@ Sunway Mentari

So, you guys know how it feels like after taking SPM results? yeah. Relived. Good or bad, accept it. 
'accept it with a open heart' says mom. Words that keep ringing in my head. Yeah, I deserve it, heh. Not bad I would say. I'm contented with my result. ;)
So, after taking results that night, we, a bunch of friends, almost 20 of them went to Umami Steamboat. It's our first time there, we weren't surprise for the foods they served there. Typical fishballs, meatballs,sotong ball ice cream balls.... yeah. Nothing to shout about. ;)

Spacious seating.

Look! there are bountiful of vegetables... 
Chilled fresh Seafoods.

Spot the fly. ;D


Aubergine. Brinjal. Terung. whatever you name it. 

Fried Chicken with long beans.

Thai Crispy toufu .

Fried food.
Greasy food always taste good. Don't you agree? ;P

Fried Wantan.

Belacan Fried Chicken.

Hash brown.
Make sure you work out the other day to burn out all the calories you've consumed.

Appetizer :

Simple yet delicious.

Coselaw and Papaya salad.
They have grilled stuffs too such as crabs, chicken wings, chicken organs...;P
Grilled crabs.
The crabs have some kind of 'awful' crabby taste which is not pleasant to the palate. Some like it, but some not. 
Grilled satay.
This satay is a must-try item in the restaurant . You can see, they grilled it on the pan instead of using charcoal.  so it has a unique crisp texture. I like. ;)

Price : Adult : RM26.80++
          Child  : RM 13.40++
Address :

12A,Jalan PJS8/17,
Dataran Mentari,
46150 Petaling Jaya.

Tel: 03- 56222663

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  1. went there long long time ago.. really ntg to shout about but at least you can have ur steamboat comfortable without sweating. =D

  2. I think the price is good with those food served!

  3. the price is reasonable ..
    n there is a lots of food...

  4. celebration time? Umami is good, but I'd prefer Tasty Pot :)

    Latest: Anything IS Food!

  5. Yerrr got fly!
    But I like the fact that they have fried food too XD

  6. The food looks great ! I miss steamboat ! =D

  7. i heard of this shop too! very nice one! :)

  8. Wow! Very wide variety of food available. You can't find such variety in Singapore at such a price!

  9. Long time have not had steam boat. Your post makes me want to have some now.


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