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218 - Corus Hotel High Tea Buffet.

Dondang Sayang coffee house has recently launched it's newly revamped weekedn buffet and introduced a lot of exciting new dishes of local and International recipes.


Buffet. Who doesn't like buffet? I mean, hey, there're so many choices of foods, drinks, desserts, etc...
The first thing that comes to our mind will certainly be : '' how much ah? Is it expensive? Got promotion ah?'' Well, typical Malaysian.
Price at only RM39++ for adult, RM25++ for children, you are able to savor a complex mix of Malaysians' favorites at a one-stop restaurant . 
This week's high-tea buffe, The Taste of Malacca's Best, is the second hi-tea theme of the month.
The local-themed hi-tea selection, created exclusively by the hotel's talented resident head chef Nathan, and his culinary team, offers a cosmopolitan brunch hi-tea menu that incorporates Malacca's best and International tastes from around the world. Diners can enjoy their high tea buffet while be entertained by its resident pianist at the hotel's grandeur atrium.

Satay corner.
 Nathan's Malacca-themed menu includes Satay Celup( steamboat satay) with assortment of raw and semi-cooked seafood, meat and vegetables on skewers dunked in special peanut sauce.

Ikan bakar ( Grilled fish)

Yam cake.
 Made with glutinous rice flour and yam aka Taro. Garnished with fragrant fried shallot and dried shrimp.

Daging Masak Merah( Beef cooked in Malay style)
This dish was really , seriously, amazingly, distinctive. The spiciness of the sambal (Chilli paste) with the pleasurable sweet taste combined with the thinly sliced tender beef, erm, let's us call this fan-ta-stic.

Yogurt Pan Fried Fish.
Next , we had this malodorous pan fried dish. It was so aromatic. I just want more of it.
Yogurt mint gravy.

Debal Chicken Curry.
Besides that, the Debal Chicken Curry was one of my favorite dish too. The curry flavor was remarkably decent. I love spicy foods, anything that can burn my lips and tongue, I love it. It'll make you go : ssssss........ssssssssssss *gasping for air, drink cold water, tear stained eyes* but still, couldn't stop me from eating. ;P

Hainanese Lamb Stew.
The five spiced herbs infused so well into the gravy . I'm drooling while taking the pic, can't wait to eat, man! ;D

Teochew Porridge.

Asparagus cream soup.

Freshly baked buns.

Scones as well.

Ikan Bakar


Nyonya Laksa.
The thick and scented coconut gravy is the soul of the laksa. It brings up all the flavor in it.

After stuffing so much good food, diners can finish with a sumptuous and delectable pastries, cakes and puddings at the desserts corner.
Nicely garnished pudding.

Mousse cake.
 At first I thought this was Ice cream cake, but when I started to slice gracefully , I regretted. 'How come so soft one? ' I murmured to myself. -.- Then I realized it was a mousse cake. So 'airy', and styro-foamy-kind-of-texture. which. doesn't suits my liking. ;P

Bread Pudding.

Dainty delicacies.

Vanilla sponge swiss roll.

Malay kuih-muih.
Dondang Sayang coffee house of Corus hotel Kuala Lumpur also serves continental and local specialties that includes their signature Hainanese Chicken Rice. The fresh and relaxed ambience in the coffe house reflects the informal Malaysian life style.
An all day dining outlet, this is the place for an early breakfast, a quick lunch, a relax high-tea, a late night dinner, and, emm, super-late supper... or anything in between.
Opens daily from 6.30am to 1.00am.

Address :
Corus Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

For reservation or enquiries please call : 03-2161 8888

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  1. Not bad d high tea buffer..
    D last time I went there was d Clark warehouse sale...

  2. This is nice! :D You know what? I will always feel hungry whenever I visit ur bloggie,so bad ah u,hahaha! XD

  3. Like the satay corner. Good style. You took a lot of pictures. Did you still have time to eat something.


  4. I went the Penang one.. Is good though. The Melaka one looks great

  5. mouth watering food assortment ....i love buffet!

  6. Looks like Malaysia Buffet variety is much much better than Singapore's!

  7. not been to corus for a long time. the assortment is still as good as ever. i wonder if the japanese restauramt is still around. it was quite good then.

  8. Hi was planning a family hi tea at this hotel and delighted to find your blog that gives an idea abt its hi tea menu!. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Hi was planning a family hi tea at this hotel and delighted to find your blog that gives an idea abt its hi tea menu!. Thanks for sharing.


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