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211 - The making of Pau(Rose shape) ...

7 Comments using thermomix.
Mom bought a new toy recently. I guess, not just because of the function of the machine itself, but also the saleswoman who was so capable of persuading mom to buy. I can see how impressed my mom was when that lady did the cooking demo.  However, I think it might worth the price. 

Thermomix which costed RM5k.
 A recipe book and basic cooking tips is provided upon purchasing ThermoMix.
You can cook anything, everything! Well...more or less lah.
Cooking Rice, Spaghetti, Fried rice, noodles, stir fry vegetables, chicken...
Cakes, pau, Ice cream, steam fish, sorbet, tofu, porridge, meat and poultry...
Back to the topic, let's make Wholemeal Pau!

People who are practicing a healthy lifestyle are on the rise. Whether you're eating healthier or just by exercising, you can make a difference.
So, for those who loves to laze around, then you should start to eat better.

My family loves white bread - (Gardenia/High Five/Massimo ) they prefer white one. 
I'm the only exception. I'll go for wholemeal. *winks* But ever since she bought  the ThermoMix, she started to cook healthier( This is why I like ThermoMix). 

This is how wholemeal pau dough look like. 
Well, Im gonna show you how to make a rose which is eatable & edible. 

First shape dough into a log shape.

Cut it into smaller pieces.

Flatten it.

You need at least four 'petals'.

Stack it on top of each other.

Flatten it a little bit more in the middle.

Start to roll it!


Look at the side, it's a rose! 
 Hold. It's not done yet. You gotta cut it into half....
and there you go....

Let'em rest for 25minutes .

Your masterpiece is done.

Mom made pillow-shaped pau. I like *

The aroma of the cooked dough is beckoning me right now... got to go~ chaoo~ ;DD

This is based on the ThermoMix recipe book.
Wholemeal Man Tao :

  1. 280       37 degree celsius water
  2. 2 tsp     yeast
  3. 30g       oil
  4. 450g     all purpose flour
  5. 50         wholemeal flour 1tsp salt
  6. 50g       sugar
  7. 600g     water( for steaming)
Method :
1)Place water, yeast, sugar and oil into TM(thermoMix) bowl to mix for 30 sec, speed 3.
2)Add flour and salt, and continue to knead for 3 minutes.
3) Form dough into desire shapes, let them rest for 25minutes  and set up Varoma function to steam.
4) Eat fresh from the steamer. ( with Curry, butter, Peanut Butter, Ham...)

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  1. your life is different everyday!

  2. I think you should try Culinary :) It is awesome to see you making the bun hehee

    1. ahehehe! I loveeeee cooking, but everyone discourage me to go into culinary line..;P

  3. oh yumms. home made goodness. i make my own bread on some days too. and nothing beats smelling the aroma of freshly baked bread.

  4. I can smell your rose pau... x)


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