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210 - Tong Pak Fu (Hong Kong Dessert)

So, this is the front page of the menu. MUST TRY!

HAHA! Spotted my Green Tea Ice.

Durian flavored snow ice.
The pungency of the Durian flavor was sooooo intense. No wonder so many durian lover loves this.
One thing I dislike about the toppings they give was way toooooo little. 
C'mon, I have big appetite for desserts okay? -.-

Soya Barley soup with two biji teeny-weeny quail eggs.
The sweetness of the soup was just nice. I mean, perfectly sweetened . Not too bland nor sweet either. 
'Ngam ngam hou'. ( Cantonese) 

...You know what's this...
Matcha flavor is not strong enough, very mild. Red bean so little. The petite white pearls were soft, not very chewy. But overall acceptable. ;)

Chocolate Shaved Ice.
Now this is nice. The chocolate was slightly bitter. Mmm... 
But the banana they gave was way too little as well. Not enough to share ....>.< *scrunch nose*
Black Glutinous Rice Ball with granulated sesame.
The rice ball were kinda chewy and sweet, other than the 'not-so-appealing' black color, the rest tasted exactly the same as a typical glutinous rice ball. 

 Tong Pak Fu, I personally thinks that this place was overrated, and the price was undoubtedly overpriced too!
Other than the Durian Snow Ice, the rest you can just simply find it somewhere else, and I guess it'll taste just the same with a lower price.

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  1. Haha, true! We pay for the ambience! D:

  2. wah.. have too much dessert edy..

  3. My friend tried the matcha ice and said that it tasted horrible :O but I like the mango shaved ice :3

  4. i love their tang yuan :D can eat anytime not only during chinese festival

    Latest: Penang Food Festival

  5. so many dessert houses. are we being transformed into a diabetic nation?

  6. wow.... I love snow ice... but wish to try the black tong yuen..

  7. I love the durian one! The mango are okay too :)

  8. My favourite is durian flavor snow ice...Best!

  9. My favourite, durian flavored snow ice.... BEST!!


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