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207- On my 18th Birthday ...

I really want to be a CHATIME ambassador!
 Don't you think that I'm the best choice ? 
AHAHAHAHAHA!!! Weeewuu weeewuuu~!

Opted Chatime on my Birthday because I Love Chatime.
It's so contagious, obviously. Everyone loves chatime. I selected this place because I love the environment as well. Dim light, air-conditioned, and of course, their Uji Matcha Milk Tea..

I invited some of my friends here , just a simple gathering, cause I miss the 'togetherness' we had when we were in high school.. Too bad some of them couldn't make it. So, photos below shows some of them who was able to attend ...

 Not to forget, it's buy 1 Free 1 day...! yuhuuu~

Didn't expect anything to happen that day... ;)
Just a typical 'yum char' session with my friends... suddenly, the Chatime Crew I guess there's 4 or 5 of them walked in together, singing Birthday song for me... That very moment I feel so touched. *shed tears
Everyone eyed one me. I was shy, and touched,contented, helpless, and totally clueless!

Then my brother came in, handing me a huge paper bag, guess what's inside?

Taa-daa.... it's my new toy!


My lovely sisters...<3 <3 <3

It's really quite a memorable birthday for me... tho that Birthday song last only for a few second, then all the Chatime Crew cabut, left all of us there... without tissue...;/ 
No tissue how to eat cake?-.-
They ran out of tissue that night....>< 
nevermind, enough of ranting.... let's enjoy these photos....


My lovely brother... the one who planned everything for today.
The wonderful-last-for-only-10-second surprise, and the camera, and the Green Tea cake.
Thanks bro, Love ya...*BLUSH*

Brother and sister can be very very very close. Just like couples.
We fought when we were young, we argued, we hated each other, we cursed each other , but hey, blood is still thicker than water...^^ Ge ge~ 
haha! Love bring us back together, bro Justin, thankyou nah~ *watery eyes* 

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Friends that loves me more than myself.

Trina (aka BFF) made me this!

I wannaThankAllOfYouInsideThisCard <3

Saw that silly boy behind the corner?-.- Smilling like Mona Lisa. -.-* face palm*

see that guy again with the red shirt hiding behind me....-.- PLEASE LAHH~>.<

Haha. Ini adalah kawanku, namanya fatty...hahaha! and Yuki! 

Elisa, the one who took this beautiful pic of me. thankyou babe. ;) 

Peace, no fight.

Make A Wish...

God bless all those that I love; God bless all those that love me
God bless all those that love those that I love, and all those that love those that love me.
Then, the world will become a better place, for you and me.
Love is a wonderful gift of life, don't you agree that?

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  1. Awww, yr brother is so sweeeet! :D Happy belated birthday!

  2. Awww ur brother sayang u so much!!

  3. Great brother you have ! Appreciate him yo ! =D

  4. Happi birthday...
    Yup u should write to chatime for become d ambassador....

  5. Congratulations for a very special birthday, enjoy it.


  6. that's your brother? both of you really look like couple XD

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  7. Happy Birthday to you!! Looks like everyone was having fun!

  8. What a wonderful and happy birthday celebration!


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