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204 - Souled Out @ Menara HSC.



They served modest menu featuring a mix of familiar favorites and an astute beverage list.
A mix of local, Western, Northern Indian food and beverage make it a place for friends and family to foster the spirit of friendship and camaraderie. 

Why is it named SOULed OUT? 
 Their strong philosophy ,'' to make good food as good as a hug'' , a new chapter in the annals of SOULed OUT Ampang is born !

Im always on a diet.. .... let's see what we have here...
Salmon, Salad, Steak, Pastas,Naan... hmm
Flipped back one more time...

 Salmon, Salad, Steak, Pasta, Chicken, Lamb...

 Asian delicacies..
Laksa,Kuey Tiao, Noodles....\


 Still couldn't make up my mind...

But then the thoughts : IM ALWAYS ON A DIET. -.-


Summertime Salad. RM20
 Grilled seafood - squid strip , salmon cube and butterfly-cut-prawns are mixed together. Drizzle with lotsa olive oil..zested with orange juice and tiny pieces of orange segments ( without the membrane). Everything blends so well together. =) So healthy. Fats, Carbs, Fiber, Protein... all-in-one. LOL. 

Emperor Sencha . Simple Green Tea. They claimed that it's the finest tea on earth. RM7.
 Love it too. It's so fresh and clear. I think it's best to enjoy it after all meals. It really does helps to clean your digestive tracts and wash away oily foods in your belly.

Lamb shank with superb gravy.

 Cheers ,meat lovers! A place recommended for you!
Big and huge portion...wonderfully cooked, the little lamb was so flavorsome... 

Beef Lasagna. RM20
 This is remarkably a sinful indulgence. Not for me, but all cheese lovers out there... The melted cheese smells like... CHEESE! fermented dairy... I love it . Love it, but one spoonful is enough. Im so afraid of getting cheese diarrhoea ...xPP

Spaghetti Carbonara. RM25

with chicken slice/beef.
 It's EXTREMELY CREAMY, and mouth-watering...
satisfying, and I ended up puking, so I ate nothing...

Nah, it's really delicious, gastronomic indulgence. But overeating made me feeling unwell.
I love the environment over here. Cozy and serene. One of the best chill out spot.

Apple Mojito . RM19
 Light and refreshing.

Dragonfly. RM13.
 I love the red color of Dragonfruit, strawberry puree and the oh-so-NOT-thirst quenching taste...
Im sure all the baby girls out there like it... <3

Yan, the Lim sister.

and Lim^^

The reckless^^
and my brother...^^

SOULed OUT was indeed a very good place for people who really knows how to enjoy good food. Peaceful ambiance, which you are able to enjoy counting stars at the clear sky while savoring your dinner...
The interior of the bistro restaurant also features Bakau pole ceilings, aluminium seating and Tolomeo lighting.

Clean and air-conditioned washroom. LoL.

 Your neighbourhood cafe. Home away from home '?'

G1, Ground Floor, Menara HSC, 187  Jalan Ampang, 50450 KL.
Tel : 603 2181 1626

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  1. huhu...they all look so good!!! :'( I hungry dy....

  2. Eating in M'sia is nice with prices so cheap. Food looks yummy :)

    1. Haha! that's for sure! Rate 2.5 if im not mistaken?

  3. I always enjoy Soul Out..
    never been to HSC's branch before.
    They have lots of variety food over there.

    1. yes....they have lots of gonna try all their salads! haha!

  4. I'm back! Haahah! Who's that Lim sister? she's pretty xD


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