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198 - Things You Might Not Know...


Well, I have to confess, I am not a good blogger, not good enough to update frequently,not good enough to elucidate every blog post, not good enough to take good pictures, not good enough to make my post amusing and captivating, not good enough to keep you guys reading from the beginning, till the very end of every alphabetic words here. (ADMIT IT).

1) I pass motion every morning.

 It's like my alarm clock, I mean, it works better than a alarm clock. I woke up every morning, the first thing I will do is sit on the toilet bowl , and waiting to be detoxified. AHHH~ Relief. I've learn a new word - CATHARTIC.

2) I say bad words. 

Hah! You don't know me well don't you?
I said bad words, but not telling out loud, I rant inside my mind...I cursed you, but I repent. 
ironically, I can also grin at you at the same time. 
(Just a confession, I no longer do this , cause God's love showers me and transformed me entirely. He keeps love alive, I feel loved everywhere!)
Here's a saying : Need love?Give love.

3)Ninety percent of my precious time & money spend on food.

I got really no idea on how to decipher or illustrate or paraphrase  how mighty and tempestuous food is, to me. Everything I do, could barely go on without food. Food is perpetually on my mind. Savory Snowflakes which will instantly melt once you touch it with your delicate lips ; Piping hot pretzel with chewy soft texture , coated with cinnamon sugar ; Peanut Butter Thick Toast with crispy brown edges of the toast... ... ... *my mind wanders*

You see, even when I surf the World Wide Web, I'll go towards food category. I'll search on nutritious food, recipe, pastry, delicacy, ...
Food pictures that is well captured... I'll for sure save it in my 9'inch Dell Laptop. Make all chow pictures as appealing as possible, set it as my home screen, wallpaper, print it, cut it out.. stamp in all over my room. Simply by visualizing it enrapture me. 
When it comes to food, I'm extremely profligate. I don't penny-pinch on food , I'll go all out! Haha.. I always find happiness on food.

I spend money buying recipe books , and never utilize it. *broad smile*
I spend money buying food and end up throwing it away because I don't like it.
I spend money buying cute and appealing candies and never eat it (cause I know it wouldn't taste good).

My mind wanders when I'm having classes.
My mind wanders when I'm sweating at the gym.
My mind wanders when I'm on the couch. 
My mind wanders when I'm about to sleep...

4) I'm obsessed with my weight .

Anaroxia and Bulimia . I was once a anaroxic & bulimic. Because the love-hate relationship I have with food, love it for being so enjoyable and pleasant to my palate, at the same time, hate it for contributing an addition pound on my weighing scale. 
I weigh myself everyday...If I drop a pound, I'll be in a good mood for the entire day or vise versa.
My weight have been fluctuated most of the time.
The skinniest time I was - 38kg
                       Heaviest - 47kg
Hush. I know it's not big difference, but to me, it's like a disaster. I put on weight very easily, hence I'm so afraid of going back to that again, don't want to go back either.  

Cut it short, I'm back to normal right now. I eat what I'm suppose to eat. I exercise, I eat more fruits and vegetables... To feel good about oneself, we have to eat in balance. Give in cravings once in a while, and get back on track as soon as you realize it.
Bear in mind that Life is too short to be miserable.


I only wear bra and panties in my room (Mom for sure will interrogate me like a police officer if she sees this, I pray that she'll be lazy to read my oh-so-damn-long-post).I read books, magazines, online ...with just two piece...

Some people say I look pretty
Some people say I look good
Some people say I'm nonchalant
Some people say I'm arrogant...
I love taking in opinion from different people. I don't think I have haters, or maybe they're just to jealous bout who I am, what I have... ^^ No hard feelings kay? I just don't like to pretend to be another person in front of you, I'm me. If you think I'm a nice person, that means I AM ;If you think the other way, maybe , oh ,perhaps I'm having PMS or something is bothering me.... Hehehe. Anyway, do tell me my flaws, I'll change, let's make the world a better place, for you and for me... #MichealJsings

I run drove for miles and miles and wind up at your door. I play table tennis since I was nine years old.
I won medals, not gold, but at least I have numerous silvers and bronze.
I am not that typical lady type of girl who speaks softly, walks slowly, or berates cheerfully...
To be frank, I don't come soft, but I do have my feminine side of course. 
Sporting is best to describe me. 

Alive or dead. I HATE FISH till the core. It's so stinky, smelly,fishy, ewww. 
I know it is packed with nutrient, as a nutritionist-to-be, I still, disapprove of fish. 
I will display my skeptic look to those who say : ''Ahhh!! mommy, the fish is so cuteeeeeee''.

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  1. girl! you have me laughing while reading.good style. write what tickles your fancy!

    1. hehehe! *shy* Tqvm babeh! Your support keeps me moving on!

  2. LOL .. now i know u ady ..
    no more secret abt u....
    so u better close ur window curtain ..
    scare some peeping tom arise after read this post....
    i agree .... ur blog really farniee ..
    post more good stuff..

    1. Hahaha! There's alot more for you to scrutinize!
      My houz , my room haz high security system, u no play play! later i send my 'fei fu dui' then u know! ;D
      Fong sam, my windows and curtains are closed.

  3. FOOD! i wonder how you can focus so much on food yet having such a light weight? i wish i can be skinnier as well!

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