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187 - Korea Day 4


Lion and Tiger - Husband & Wife.
 Ever seen such peculiar match-making? Well, Lion & Tiger do fall in love. . .
and they produce an offspring named LiGer.


Things to ponder : 1) How do we call Lion in chinese/ Cantonese?
                            2) How do we call Tiger in chinese/Cantonese?
                            3) So, how do we call LiGer in chinese/cantonese?



It's the second last day we're at Korea and we went to Everland Theme Park which is located in Yongin , a suburb of Seoul.

Affectionate daddy and mommy . Love them loads.

Churros with cinnamon sugar coating.
 Here's the horrendous Roller Coaster.
This is one of the largest roller coaster in the world. 
It's the steepest wooden roller coaster in theWorld, 2nd tallest wooden roller coaster in the World, 5th longest wooden roller coaster in the World, and it has the 5th longest drop on a wooden roller coaster in the World!

All made by woods. 
I can't imagine how eerie and spine-chilling if I'm riding it.
 I did not have the chance to try it because of the strong gust that day.

The not-wood-made Roller Coaster.

Panoramic view captured from 20 feet high.

and..we had BBQ for dinner!

Bottomless pork.

I suspect they use meat tenderizer cause the meat was YUMMY~~

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  1. This seems to be great, I love visiting amusement parks and see wild animals. I assume you are in South Korea.


  2. wow! i always thought about who will win if tiger and lion fight! but the fact is they will never be at the same place since their needs are different! but finally i saw something! peacefully together sumore! nice!


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