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188 - Clan Dim Sum Restaurant @ Bandar Puteri.


Famous for their 'Gei Wo Bao'鸡窝包.
Love their unique and edible appearance.

Steamed bun filled with chicken cube,mixed vege ...


The gravy was thick literally, but I don't mind ... ;P
You can see that they have glutinous rice in it too! and I guess that's what makes me feel so stuffing.

Malted sugar glazed Chicken Wings.

Not bad I would say, cause their chicken wasn't very dry... ;) just nice.

Mini 'Fatt Pun' . 佛盘
 I don't think I enjoy this. Perhaps because this was serve cold...
The fried yam wasn't crispy, and I suspect they added too much of flour, quite bland I would say..

Fried Shrimp wrapped with beancurd skin.

They're not fresh from the hot pot... ;(
It really dismay me.

Typical aubergine stuffed with fish paste. 
 It taste like, fish balls! nothing to shout about. ;P

Fried glutinous rice.
 Not impressive.

Fried carrot cake.
 Not worth the calories.

My all-time-favorite 'har gao' .
 The prawns weren't fresh la. ;( 

Siu mai - minced pork .
Ugh, enough of ranting. me no likey.

Lastly, the bill ended up with rm69. 
Wow. Impressively extortionate. ;]
Ain't gonna come back for more....

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  1. ooo haha u can try one near Neway in puchong, called Jing Xuan :) it's quite nice!

  2. Gai wo bao is my favourite!! I always go to the one in Sri Petaling~

  3. Tracey, i know! i love that place, but didnt blog about it. ahehehe! that place alwasy long queue one~ >.< sometimes my mom get so 'pekcek'(irritated) while waiting to be seated. hehehe~

  4. i love Clan @ sri petaling, their famous buns are more than just gai wo bao there :)

    Latest: From buffet to bubble milk tea; Creative JOGOYA!

  5. The Dim Sums and the fried rice look very nice. I would certainly like to try it.


  6. it's like, the must have dim sum every single time will be har gao and siu mai XD but needs to be fresh la..otherwise not nice :(

  7. Gosh, u're making me so hungry with all these food! Yum!

  8. Dim sum!! So yummy~ :D Too bad dim sum nowadays is so expensive, 2 small plate of dim sum = 1 big bowl of noodles d. >_<

  9. i wonder whether this is the branch from the Clan Dim Sum in Sri Petaling?

  10. Laura : yes, i totally agree.
    Blurkit : Yes, it is their branch from Sri Petaling, but their service and food doesn't seem to be as good as the main Clan Dim Sum. ;P

  11. Such a pity you did not have a nice experience there :( Dim Sum needs to be served hot and fresh right? No compromise wan...


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