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193 - Milwaukee @ Usj 19 Subang.

Situated inside Digital Mall, the legendary Steak House MILWAUKEE .

Lots of auto bike pics is used to beautify the interior of the restaurant.

They served wide range menu such as Pastas, Salad, Steak, etc...

Garlic Bread.
The pungency of the garlic is so irresistible ! xD

Banana Milk Juice! 

Yummy yummy~

Ceasar Salad.

Served with chicken & bacon bites.

Chicken Maryland.
The chicken is so HUGEEE!! with side dishes - Banana fritter, sausage,mashed potato and coslaw.
No compliment. It taste typically nice. 

Look at my little brother~ so adorable~ ^^
Dad actually came all the way for this.
Oxtail soup.
Flavorsome oxtail broth~ 
The broth was superb.
anise star, cinnamon, and all the mixed herbs blended so well together... 

Chicken chop with Cheese .

Look at the oooeey gooey cheese melting out~!!! <3 

There's ham inside too! ;D

Om nom nom time!

Everyone is satisfied with the food served, and the ambiance is really cozy and comfy too!
I definitely will come back for more!

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  1. i tried b4 @ the other branch..
    ur bro looks like u...
    hmm did u notice at the back of the menu..
    there is a franchise application ... if I am not mistaken it is nearly RM1 mill...
    Happy CNY..

    1. Oh my bro looks like me? ;P
      Well, you're the first one who tell me this...haha
      Yah, I did read the menu, it's RM1 mil for the franchise , *jaw drops*
      I'd rather franchise KFC... hahaha...;D
      HAppy CNY to you too! ^^Mr.simple.

  2. I love food pictures and also your header.


    1. We share the same interest - I love food pics as well... hence, my blog is full of food pics! ^^

  3. food looks good! but what does it mean by milwaukee? haha

    1. I had totally no idea. All I know is Milwaukee Steak Corner in the hearts of every biker, rider and diner! xDD


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