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191 - Mood Food.


Ever wonder why we feel down at times?
Sometimes we plopped on the bed, wake up, feeling energetic ;Sometimes we don't.
Mood does fluctuate. Everyone does. Anyway, there's always a way to make you feel better....

No doubt, foods has their supernatural power to stimulate certain neuron in our body , making us feel less stress, more perkier and happy. All these has something to do with our brain chemistry.
So , there are a few ways to make your sluggish and miserable Monday better :

Packed with folic acid, a natural chemical which is great at metabolizing proteins and therefore increasing energy levels. If you are in need of a 'mood food' to help you keep working through the day, then having some avocado for lunch could help you to keep smiling throughout the day! ;)

2) Chilies
If you like to add some spice into your daily meal, chilies can help.By increasing your endorphin levels, chilies are one of the food that will really get you in the right mood.! Of course, it also speeds up your metabolism, making you feel less sluggish, and more alert. 

3) Garlic
C'mon! who doesn't love garlic bread? Despite of it's distinct aroma, it is a hard-to-resist food among all epicurean. Without garlic in our cooking , it's like a living body without a soul . Despite garlic contributes to bad breath, it helps to increase the blood flow around your body, lower down cholesterol level . Direct or indirectly, it helps protecting your heart. Just a gentle reminder, do make sure you bring your handy gum along whenever you go! 

4) Goji Berries
This berries have been proven to raise testosterone levels in men and are full of anti-oxidants which will increase your general mood and wellbeing. 

5) Honey
Obviously, a natural sugar aka fructose. Honey is better than sugar because it does contains mineral and vitamins that couldn't be found in sugar. It provides the necessary energy level to keep your mood up. Adding honey to any beverage or oatmeal breakfast can really help kick-start your day!
It's also good for sore throat , just remember to squeeze half of a lemon in it! 

6)Pumpkin Seeds
This little seeds can help to boost your hormone levels which will help regulate your moods. A quick nibble on the seeds from your desk drawer occasionally will make sure that your mood doesn't waver throughout the day!

7) Almond
It may surprise you but almonds are full of amino acids that help you blood flow. Much like garlic, this will leave you more energy to boost your mood. Almonds go very well with cereals, so pair with some honey and you are set to go! 

8) Chocolate
Well, ladies, as well as gentlemen, save the very best for last. If you ever need an excuse to eat chocolate, then its help in aiding your good mood can be the excuse. Chocolate contains various natural  chemicals and amino acid that make it the ultimate of mood foods for women - whether you want to add it to your breakfast, as a snack halfway through the day or as a treat just before bed, chocolate is sure to make you feel happier!

So, in short, a healthy person practice a healthy diet. All food should be enjoyed , but consumed in moderation , bear in mind, too much of something is not a good thing!

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  1. those 'tamago' look so cute. reminds me of ice age 3.

  2. If I ever used my mood as an excuse to eat chocolate, i'll be fat! Hahaha


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