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186 - Korea Day 3.

It's day three in Korea! 
We stayed at a luxurious four star hotel named... I don't know ! Yuhhuuuu~
Breakfast was the best among all hotel that we've stayed.
Fresh and so fresh!

Scramble egg


Fresh from the hot-oil wedges...nyummmmm!!!

Toast bread with egg.

Variety of Herbs cookie!


My all-time-favourite. CEREAL!

Oh..i love pastry....<3

Corn flakes, almonds, walnuts, cocoa puff balls!!!
 Never get enough of this. I love cereals. I heart cereals. I'm 110% addicted to cereals. 
NYUUMMMM!!!!! I had 5 or 6 servings of cereal... like I'm going for a winter hibernation.

The guys~

After breakfast, we went to rent our ski attire!!!!
I was sensationally excited! 

Assortment of skiing shoes and skiing set.

Candid shot! Korean hunk babe!!!
He's sho cuteee!!! He was looking at me, murmured some words which I couldn't fathom ...
Then he burst into laughter with his friend beside him...
HAHAHAHAH! I was..uhm.. shy....>.< 

okay. enough . I'm smiling surreptitiously when I'm writing this post.. 
It feels like there's something wrong with me...Wuhahahahha! 

Hi Mr.hunky.. >.<

Bye hunky...  ;'(
Im off to my wonderland!


#Acting cool like a boss... I cannot ski , don't play a fool.
 I can really ski! but out of control la ... I might knock you off with my 90km/hr speed.

I keep yelling and shouting '' get outta my way, get out get out, wuuuuaaaaaaaaaa''...
I don't know how to break . So sorry...
Bruises everywhere...

So I went back to indoor and have a rest.

My en-tau brother and my glamorous bewitching mother! ;P
After three hours of  vivacious activities, our tummy started to growl...
Alarming us it's lunch time!

Steamboat .again.  Yay!

Gao-zi. Best of the best! 

My face red like tomato. No jokes. ;P

My infatuated daddy and mommy!

Ginseng Chicken Soup as dinner!!! 

Cautious ! It's boiling hot !

Back to hotel and, we encounter our very first snowing experience!


You can see me beaming, gracefully..xPPP

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  1. Nice article, I am amazad you can ski in Korea. It probably took you a long time to take pictures of all these plates at breakfast. I get a lot of looks when I take my camera into the restaurant, but I am doing it all the time.


  2. That's true,it took me some time to take picture by picture... Hahah.. No doubt there were some people kept looking at me while I was taking all those pics, but who cares? As long as I took pleasure in it! and share with my readers! ;D

  3. OMG ur boy is gonna be so jealous! XD

  4. Eunice: Neat captures of a fun day, great food, fun skiing and wonderful outfits. Thanks for the visit.

  5. Lovely travel stpry and photos. Thanks for visiting our blog!


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