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185 - Korea Day 2

Scenic view captured from 10th floor of the hotel.

Walking out to the hotel balcony..

I manage to take some pictures before running back indoor. 
The wind was so strong , gusty and benumbed... I was like walking on icebox with my naked body though I wore so many layers of clothes...

Everyone' wrapped themselves like a burglar.

Cool isn't it?
The reason why we wrapped till like this was because, really, seriously, the temperature out there was like Siberian. Every single piece of our skin that was expose to the frosty cold weather hurtssssss!!!!
I couldn't stand it.

Look at my red nose. *oh-so-cute* -.-

I hastily ask my bro to take a candid shot for me then I ran back indoor ...

Snowy scene...

Next, we visited the Teddy Bear Museum where it showcases a wide range of teddy bears!

People who doesn't love Strawberries out there, you gotta try this, Im 110% sure you will like it!
It's so big, juicy and sweet!!!!!!!!!!^^ 
Though it's quite expensive...

Lunch time!
Can you see there's a huge octopus on top of our steamboat?!!? 
Soup base soooooo sweet... lots of cabbage ,and the octopus rubber? can't even bite...

After dinner, we proceed to Daepohang, a bustling port with the freshest raw rish restaurant and thriving live fish market .

Fresh Prawn Tempura.

Big-like-my-face squid

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  1. I love strawberries from Korea, they're usually sweet, juicy and BIG. I can't seem to find strawberries here that are like the ones from Korea. I miss it lots^^~!!!

  2. steamboat for cold winters are awesome:D

    teddy bear muzium! i'll be stuck in there for a long long time. love teddy bears.


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