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184 - Korea Day 1


 First time stepping in Korea !
Hey, the air is fresher over here! lol

 and we're shaking because of the extremely cold weather...

First of all activities, we fed seagulls. 

Nah, the crackers were just too yummy...i'd rather feed myself...

Shared ONE crackers with them...

Sat 4 hours inside the bus again to have dinner...

As you can see the solitariness of the restaurant...

Dinner time!

Korean Style steamboat.

Oh-so-yummy side dishes...

What makes Korean Steamboat so unique is their soup base is remarkably SWEET. Not naturally, but artificially...I bet their add sugar in it! but it's nice . Not bad I would say... 
There's raw meat, Squid, Shiiteck Mushroom and ample of cabbages!

Small serving rice... ;) 

*burp burp burp burp*..sound of boiling....
 and their mini market...

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  1. Happy New Year, Eunice! First time to Korea?? Mmmm..... I'm sure u'd fun! Did u get to meet any Kpop groups?

    Really a pleasure connecting with u & here's wishing u all the best in 2012!

  2. I love Korea! Well I've never been there, but i enjoy the K-drama and music. Are the people there nice? If i could i would really want to go to Korea. :)

  3. Try porridge from Korea, cannot find anywhere else. I like that. :)

  4. Jo : I see! The people are nice,but they can barely speak english ... I found it hard to communicate with them...hehe! but one thing for sure, the woman over there are seriously, beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ChampDog : oh really? I didnt get a chance to try it...well, Thanks for the info...I'll try it next time, if possible..xP

  5. They can't speak English but most of them are very friendly. When I tried to talk to them they're very willing to help although we have the communication problem.

    The beauty there is 90% from plastic surgery. This is pretty common there. :) Yes, pretty and very fashionable too. :)

  6. Well~ This is a nice post.

    You make me interested in visiting Korea. :)
    Meitzeu @ Facebook

    Meitzeu @ Blogspot

    Meitzeu @ Twitter


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