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182 - Taiwan Day 4.

The still-so-in-love husband and wife; Father and son.
It was a rainy day. It started drizzle while we're on our way to Yehliu Geopark - A Scenic area which a long cape is formed Datun Mountain at the seashore. There are numerous of magnificent rocks shape like Mushroom, Candlewick, Ginger, Chessboard ,etc. These rocks aka limestone really caught me paused for a moment to ponder how beautiful nature can be, man, u gotta experience this yourself.

Forgive me. *Cross finger*, I didn't manage to take many photos of those wonderful,solitary, uncommon limestone because it's raining, everyone has to wear their raincoat or buy an umbrella there , walk 12563 steps , climb up 73234324 steps more to view the after-effect of the wigwag of sea after thousands of years.

The only pics I took, underneath my raincoat. Hence, it explain the blur-ness. ;P
Anyway, I've google it for you guys already. If the weather is good, you'll see rocks like this.

Yes, their were all naturally formed.
After visiting, we sat few hours inside the bus to have lunch! Eeeekk... my butt flat already lah! 
Every places we go also need few hours ... *scrunch nose*

Told cha restaurant food sucks! >.<

Nice to see, Nice to capture, once put inside your mouth, you will spit it out.
 So sorry to all Taiwanese, not to offend you, but the food doesn't really suits me. ;]
Next, we proceed to Jiufen- Jiu fen means 'nine protion' in chinese. It was given this name because long time ago, there were only nine families stays here. Before the roads were built, all materials were transported via ships, thus a habit was formed that nine pieces of same object were purchased at one time. Hen, it explain how Jiu Fen comes from.

 Jiufen beef noodle.

We can see the old fashioned way of life that is still existing.
Food and lots of foods were selling hot here... cause it's kinda cheap.

 As I walked down the long long narrow street, my eyes were so busy looking here and there, 
never been such places before...
I dare not blink my eyes cause it's like if you blink, you'll lose a second capturing this crowded yet enjoyable moment. Every moment counts!

 nyum nyum...


nah, don't waste time, you know what's that HUGE Brown color thing? 

Its made of tons of sugar and peanuts! I name it Sugar-Peanut-Cube!
Genius, I bet nobody can give such precise name ! ^^ 

Mint  and ice cream were added to enhance the Peanut popiah.
 First time in my life, popiah as a dessert.

Can you see the ice cream?
 Can see but cannot eat. ;P 
everything blend in so well. =]

Next, I keep nagging dad I wanna eat dessert! I want I want I want!
We only have 20minutes left, so we hasten our footsteps, rush to the dessert shop, waited for a moment to be  seated. The shop was crowded. 
So I went to order first. 

Redbean + Chewy taro ball + Sago
 It taste... umm... like ... red bean, sago, and ice. Nothing special. 
Cause they used unflavored shaved ice.heh...

Another one, I opt for red bean milk ice.
 Typical lo, condensed milk with red bean and taro..=)
Malaysia's Snowflake win them '9 streets'. haha...#justsharing.

Beef noodle. It taste so original. 

Not bad though. 
To be continue....

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  1. the street food looks better than the restaurant food there :)

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  2. Hey gal, looks like u're having fun in Taiwan! So much to shop & eat :)

    Just wanna wish u Merry X'mas & Happy 2012 with lots of love from Singapore!

    Shirley's Luxury Haven

  3. Yum! The ice cream looks damn good! :D


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