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181 - Taiwan Day 3

The best day of my entire trip. 
The view over here was significantly magnificent.

We stayed at The Cotswold Villa
A remarkable delightful home stay resort where you can see spectacular scene from top of the hill.
This was the pathway where I walked to have my breakfast.

A vastly healthy and hearty homemade fresh and delectable Sweet Potato-Whole grained  bread .

All that I need is peanut butter. ;P
I love how they serve their food and presentation. Simple and neat.
Yummy and delicious.

Our dining room , where we enjoyed our healthy breakfast and at the same time, 
wandering somewhere else  when look out the windowpane . 
It's really overwhelming ... I feel so grateful to God... the creator of Mother Nature...

Superlatively healthy Red yeast porridge .
Porridge is Taiwanese staple food if I'm not mistaken.
 They serve porridge everyday. No wonder the people there aren't fat.

Memorable moment. My beloved mom and dad. <3

My CrayonShinChan-look-alike brother.
Ahah! Lard! LARD LARD LARD! Lard tasted so so good, I know, and I won't eat it. ;P

Briny bamboo shoot. ewwwww~

Typical Ma po toufu.

Finally I found something eatable. Omelette.
Omelette taste good, as long it is part of the chicken's generation.

Next we went to visit the Local Product Shop where we can buy some gifts for our relatives.
It's a kind of pastry shop and they have lots of sample for us!

Spent RM400++ over here.
Dad's pocket got a BIG hole now~

Next, we went to SHILIN Night Market, they well-known and must-go places in Taiwan.

Introduced by my tour guide, but this is really not my cup of tea.
Maybe, I didn't order any flavour. After looking my photos again, I realize there were actually flavours for you to choose such as Curry, Black sesame, Crushed Peanuts, Red bean paste, Mashed potato, Yam...... 

cause the one I bought was tasteless. Like normal dough wrap with biscuits ,only. 
Dry and so dry. 
I threw it . ;P 

Anyone loves Chou Tou Foo? Stinky toufu yet so many people loves it. YUCKIE!

Fried Rice.

Fried Oyster.
 A big NO! for the oyster. Gross. Can you see how watery and they add ample of starch in it. 
Why people say Shilin's food is the best?

Black pepper Taiwan Sausage. 
 Now the Taiwan sausage is mouth-watering.
It seem delicious but it doesn't.
Bought Rm15 for a tiny serving and it was already cold and not crispy, not delicious, greasy....

Next, we proceed to Shilin's outdoor market, I found this.
Fried milk curd.

I had no idea how the coagulate the milk into cubes.

No nice. >.< *scrunch nose*
Wasting my money lah everything... so sad man.
Maybe I am too hard to please as a epicurean. 

This guy.... is....promoting...his...pork.
He called himself Pork King! 
Look at his T-shirt.

I said I'll do free promotion for you, he nodded and said thank you. HAHAHAHA! That's why he's here...

 Their Pearl Milk Tea taste good. Especially their red tea. Must try!
 They called it Assam tea, which is call '' ah sa mu nai cha'..

Their pearly is way more tiny compared to Malaysia's pearl. 
 Anyway, it tasted equally nice, bouncy and chewy. ^^
Let's name it baby pearl.

Fried bread wrapped hot dog.

Malodorous cor n.
Enough of excoriating . 
The ear of corn suck to the max. I don't know how can the texture be so soft, and tasteless, cold, disgusting,bland.... 

and it cost RM15 for an ear of corn. Duit buang dalam TONG SAMPAH again.
Next, Chou Tou Foo again.

No nice.
Conclusion, Malaysia is the best.
Malaysia has the most delicious corn, 
most delicious Stinky Tou foo
most delicious XXL Fried Chicken...

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  1. yummmy!!!!!!!!!
    hoping for myself a foodie backpack trip to taiwan soon~~~XP

  2. Oh really? I have the thoughts of backpacking too!!! I would LOVE to travel to Hong Kong if possible..xP


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