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179 - Taiwan Day 2.

Typical breakfast everyday...

Garden Salad

Baguette and White bread.
Side dishes for porridge...

Porridge with pork jerky, konbu seaweed, anchiovies ...

After breakfast, we proceeded to Sun Moon Lake 

Huge cookie I've ever seen!

Beauty and the beast  husband aka my dad. ;P

 hidden coffee in a barrel .

Here's the fun part, it's 4 Degree Celsius and we have chance to enjoy hot spring!yeeehu!!

Feels good...~~~~

Dinner time! Yucks. Can't eat, restaurant food doesn't suit our Malaysian taste buds.
There's certainly a lot of leftovers each meal...
exclude Taiwanese Snacks. ;)

Cold Braised Chicken Feet.

Duck blood cube...*puke*

I had no clue on what's inside this pot. The only thing I know was this pot smells ridiculously nauseating. 

Fried Beef Onion. 

Dorry Fish.
Dorry fish , I hate dorry fish. -.- 
Cause they somehow taste like mud . 
AHAH! The only dish that is eatable was the fried Chicken..
Hohoho...Nice! Crispy , spicy, juicy! nyum nyum~~ ^^

Taiwanese KFC. ;P
We were all not full, so we ordered Taiwanese Fried Rice to fill in our still-growling-tummy .

I like the marinated sweet and sout radish at the side, it taste so so good!

7-Eleven time! I don't know why, maybe everyone feels the same, I love , LOVE to visit the 7-Eleven shop whenever I'm travelling. It makes me feel like Im home...
Different country has different cuisine, different culture, different people, but one thing remains the same..
Seven Eleven! 

They sell variety of beverage, I wished I'm able to try all these~ ;(

So, here it second day... 

So long!

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