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176 - Merry GUINNESS Party@Jarrod&Rawlins


Hohoho~ Merry Guinness everyone!


On the 15th of Dec, I was cordially been invited to a Christmas Party @ Ampang Walk by Sidney.
At first I was like...huhh? Do i know him?, NO, I  mean does he knows me?
I am nobody. ;]
I bet he's serious, so I e-mailed him.

And ...

I was there ,having a incredibly Merry Guinness@Jarrod & Rawlin's

 Well, proudly, I'm the earliest. >.<
Nobody was here, yet.
Only some of them practicing caroling. . .

Joy to the world !

Merry GUINNESS Celebration has invited Masterchef Adam Liaw to prepare a few signature dishes, which all of them are infused by bittersweet GUINNESS beer.

I think that somehow he looks like samurai...>.< 

We dined at  a very long yet exquisite table.*like a big family* ;)

Free flow of GUINNESS.
 Each guest were given such a 'VIP card' to have continuous flow of GUINNESS.
I'm forever the less lucky one. Cause I don't drink , much. Ahaha.. My friend, Evelyn ,already had her fourth glasses of GUINNESS while I guess I'm just having my second sip. ><

Merry GUINNESS is the season for BOLD flavours.


the quite-good-looking- MC of the night.

And part of the crew. ;)

They are the best caroling team I've ever came across so far.
 So , BOLD flavours ? Here we go....

Irish Oysters with GUINNESS Cream

The oyster was fresh and salty. I am not a huge fan of raw stuffs but I do, eat raw oysters.
I didn't puke, surprisingly I have my second oysters too! The freshness of these oysters was the main reason why I decided to go for one more.
For your general knowledge, guys are suppose to eat more oysters..


Next dish that comes after that was ...erm, I call it something more than salad.

Shallot Vinegar incorporated Asparagus ,together with Marinated Mushroom, Semi Dried Cherry Tomato with Arugula Salad. 
Lastly, Toasted Walnuts and thinly Shaved Parmesan are used as a garnish.

I wouldn't say this is not nice. It might not be appealing at the first sight, but once you have tasted it, you'll be like...
''Hey...salad can be very nice to chow on''
I assure that it's the vinegar who did the great job.
Beside contributing the sourish flavour, it also helps keeping the asparagus crunchy,
do not look down on vinegar, they can play a very important role as a enchanting agent in every single dish.

Without vinegar, Asam Laksa will be like laksa, without asam;
Teh Tarik without teh;
Nasi lemak without lemak;
Maggi mee without me.

Not to forget the Walnut, it gives a contrast texture and flavour when munching mouthful of salad.

Three types of sauces...
From left GUINNESS Prune Compote, Bread Sauce, and gravy.

the side dishes such as Chicken Sage Stuffing, Chicken Bangers, Crispy Roast Potato, Caramelized baby Carrots onion, Yorkshire puddings

These are used to serve the Guinness Butter Roasted Chicken

 Side dishes are served together with this oh-so-juicy-yummylicious- GUINNESS Roasted Chicken.

Roasted chicken with thyme, seasoned with salt and pepper.

Cooking a delicious roast chicken or Turkey isn't a easy job.
You have to be very careful with the temperature .
Too low : The meat need a lot of time to be cook, and by the time it is cooked, the core of the chicken wouldn't get enough of the seasoned flavours.
Too high : You tend to overcooked the meat and the meat will be very hard to consume.

The most suitable temperature for roasting is between 160-220 degree celscius, depending on the size of the bird. (Duck, Chicken,Turkey,Geese)

Love the Crispy Potatoes.

Crispy Roast Potato, Caramelized baby Carrots onion, and deep fried Yorkshire puddings.
Basically everything was nice , but for the puddings, I think that they're too plain for my liking.
=] It tasted like plain fried dough.


Chicken Sage Stuffing(sausage patty) and it's brother Chicken Bangers(sausage)!

Pan fried Chicken Bangers! 
 The Bangers were unbelievably succulent and flavoured.
Too much of something definitely is not a good thing.. so watch what you're eating...
Do not be like me, eat like nobody business... *evil laugh*

Chicken Sage Stuffing
Hold. Look at the gorgeous and presentable round round
It was no doubt alluring ,to the eye, and also the palate.
*slurp slurp*
The first tender bite gives you a strong peppered flavour , followed by the sweetness of the sausage patty.
It was indeed a pleasing entree for a epicure like me.

After main course, we were serve with desserts.

Assorted Cheese Platter, Dried Apricot, Almond ,Cashew, Raisins and Crackers.

Port Wine goes very well with the Cheese Platter.

 I love the wine. It was amazingly likable.
The intensely and concentrated grape flavour hooked me up.
Larv-ley. <3

 As for a sweet ending, we got Sweet GUINNESS damper with Maple Berries Coulis.
The damper..
Anyone had idea how does damper taste like?
I am so gonna try this recipe soon!
Damper taste between cake and bread, but classify as bread family
It's a bit cakey and low gluten because it is made without yeast.. . . .
A tablespoonful of Maple Berries Coulis, top it on the damper.......AHHHHH~ horny.oops.
I mean, honey...
it's stupendous!!! Impressive.

Very good. Excellent. =)

The merriness and joyous atmosphere has slowly come to an end . . .
I was really happy to have this chance to be there , celebrating Christmas with peoples around.
Christmas, I bet everyone loves it, but what's the purpose of celebrating?
Let's ponder...

Anyway, I wish you a very, berry, happy, merry, peppy, jolly pleasant Christmas!

Let's spread the Love in this Christmas! 

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  1. SIN JOJO love this post!<3

  2. Merry Guinness! Enjoy your good looking photo.. Nice!

  3. merry guinness! and enjoy your christmas!


  4. I like you sense of humor, Eunice. =)
    Nikel, I saw your comments every time I see posts on Merry Guinness. =p


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