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175 - Malacca delights.

It was my very first trip out with a bunch of my aweshom-retard-cute-furious-fervent-funny-speechless friends 
There were total 23 of us. Basically our activities are giggling and laughing all day.

The only one with lots of things to carry.
Camera bag, sling bag, back packed, water bottle, and all the plastic bags!

Bought a lot, that's why.... 

I'm flying up up high in the air...

Epic picture of the day.

They were actually preparing to jump!!!

 But it looks like they were all preparing to go after me. ;P

Lunch time- Famous Chicken Rice Ball @ Woh kei 和记. 
A superlatively compact and filling fragrant rice balls.

Fried cabbage.

Shallot oil rice.
 Every spoonful of rice coated with shallot oil...
Steam Chicken and some inner parts of it.

Juicy and tender chicken drizzle with sesame oil. 
 *thumbs up*

Asam Fish.

Wondrous lunch.
 It's the togetherness of all friends having lunch that makes me feel extraordinarily happy! 
The room is filled with joy , laughter, and also
''wooi ! I'm not full enough''

I know some of my friends get so agitating each time when I stop them from eating when food is served.
HAHAHA!Who cares? My blog readers have priorities too!

Chicky sound : oh yea Im gonna eat eat!!!

Chilling at McD after getting tired of walking up and down @Dataran Pahlawan Shopping Mall

Dinner time@Ban Lee Siang.
Both restaurant are named Ban Lee Siang, but both of the owners doesn't get along well(I guess).
Cause both restaurant also claim that they are the authentic Satay Celup, and indirectly hinting that the Satay Celup beside each other isn't the original shop.

I tried both before. Guess what? I don't really think there's any difference.
Both sauce were the same. Peanut sauce which is also known as Satay sauce .

 Satay Style Steamboat
Variety of chow in stick available.
Si ham, yau char kwai, fu chok, fish ball, meat balls , kangkung..
 Each stick cost Rm0.60


Satay sauce is a kind of sweet and a lil bit spicy thick gravy.
 Eat when it is pipping hot, you definitely don't wanna miss this.

 We all wallop 400sticks ..*winks* *feels proud*
Both satay celup will be in the full-house condition everyday.
So, come earlier if you don't want to queue and wait.

After dinner, we went Jonker street.
Jonker street opens on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday .
It's a vastly happening night market in Melacca which all tourist congregate.

I found things that is only available in Melacca.
You couldn't find this somewhere elses. 
I called it Sparkling juice with dainty and lovable cover.

RM4 per bottle.

Fried potato chips .
The making of fresh chips is from a potato! -.-
Who doesn't know that? 

With a swirling machine, turn turn turn and deep fried it.
 Oily snack. ;P 
I don't quite like it. HEHEHE~ 
We proceed to the next shop , wanted to buy the same designed shirt all together, total 23 piece but we didn't make it because, the shop owner doesn't want to give us any discount. -.- 
What a person, we got nothing to lose so we went off.

 I feel like I'm a camera, when everyone sees me, they'll smile. :PPPP

Went to check in our Bungalow@ A Famosa.

Having serious discussion. 
Having serious discussion on the topic " WHO CAN SLEEP IN THE ROOM''.
There were only three rooms.Girls already conquer one, there's two more, but 17 boys.

Luxurious  double + single bed = trisome bed. 
Clock struck 2 in the morning, it was indeed an exhausting and tiring day,time for bed..

*lights off*


boy 1 :I can't sleep
boy 2 : Me too
and the rest of them : LET'S PLAY CHOR TAI DI!!!
*LIGHTS ON*and the night goes on....till the sun rise. 

and I became a Panda for the next two days!

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  1. Holy wow. Reading this post makes me want to jump on the next plane back to SE Asia. I miss the food SOOOO much!!! Shallot oil-coated rice?! Glistening chicken pieces! Chicken rice balls! Aaaaah!!

    And lol, that pic of the two boys...seriously epic indeed.

  2. wow.. Chicken Rice Ball.. x tahan nye!

  3. Sophia : hey! Hii~ glad that u drop by here...haha...oh yea...if there's a chance,i'll bring u tour my area and hunt for these foods!!!
    Nikel : Hahah~ penang oso can't find er! ;P

  4. You guys sure know how to enjoy! :D So many indomee and maggi mee somemore!

  5. haha! Hilda, yr eyes only see indomee..haha!! yah, we sapu 50packets of maggi in three days time...>.<

  6. ahh..nice...reading this reminds me of my graduation nostalgic

  7. wow...your trip sounds super fun lhe. I laugh like mad at the epic photo of the day darn funny la..

    hey did you get to eat the putu piring at jalan tengkera. I love it

  8. Eric,hahaha"..high school friends wad....they give u the best memories!
    Kucing, I didn't get to eat that putu piRinG Aiks?cz we gt not enuf time...

  9. I'm always in a happy mood while reading your blog.^^
    Btw its a great and fun memory, chears!!

  10. ohhh good trip though :) nice food and the two boy look cute ~

  11. Wow! Nice food nice trip!~~ I'm going to malacca next weekend.. Reading your post make me looking forward for it!

  12. Holidaying with friends is so fun & thks for sharing these lovely shots! Looks like u've great fun & gosh, you've been feasting too!

  13. JJ : im so glad that u feel it that way^^
    Caro : oh yea, this is the most memorable trip ever!
    Prince&Princess Mum : hehehe...hope that you get to eat more more more famous food over there...^^
    and dont forger to take pics !
    Shirley : I strongly agree with what you've said. Hahaha! I've been gaining lots of weight recently...;(


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