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173 - Share Tea@ IOI Mall.

And again, there's another 'Bubble Tea' shop open in town! 
*Drum rolls*

 They claim that they rank no.1 at Taipei.

I must confess that I am a tea lover, whether with milk or without.
Green , Red,White or Black tea taste as nice as a Hamburger, Fries, or whatsoever. 
Tea is good for your health too.
I always drink tea because I believe that if you drink tea after meal, it will flushes all oily stuffs that we've ingested .Tea also promotes weight loss ( that's what I've been wanted since I were born);P

I stood in front of that stall and ponder, why Taiwan's tea will opt for this Hong Kong big head guy, Eric Tsang Chi Wai , as their tea ambassador?
Deep thoughts.....

 Long queue as usual . -.- I just don't understand why...

Okay Okay,
come, my deary readers, what flavour am I gonna choose?

Clue : my website link .
Oh yeah Green Tea Red Bean.
 This was the first cup I've tasted. No sugar but it's still vastly sweet.
Not that smooth compared to Chatime.
The Green Tea  flavour was kinda mild , and the red bean was superlatively, sweet. and bountiful. 
They serve tea and also fruit juice, which is something different from others .

The very next day, my mom ( such a good mom for being so wise) bought me two cups of THE-SAME-FLAVOR Green tea with Redbean , again. yeah. (^_^)v

This time, they have Tsang Chi Wai's face on it. =__=

These are mine!!!! 
 *sipping sipping sipping*

Please, don't envy, I don't share...
Nah, just kidding, sharing means caring, caring means _______(somebody fill in the blank for me) .>.<

Look at that height of my red bean.^^
One thing I like about this Share Tea is their, generally Share Tea is listed as the 'Good category'  in my account.

*sipping  sipping sipping*

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  1. Caring means love. ^^ HAHAH. Wow I see so many food on your blog! I used to blog about food too. But no time to even blog d. Plus I'm lazy. @.@

    Anyways, this shop Share Tea not that bad ler the name. The one newly open shop at 1 Utama is called Come Buy. Direct translation from Chinese Gan Bei. HAHAH.

  2. lol. but why they hired HK star ler. haha. shud find taiwan superstar mah.

  3. yunz : Yalo..I wasnt free too, but now whenever I have time, I'll blog ...must sayang back my blog..heee...=)

    Henry : Yalo..that's the weird part.;P

  4. another parody of chatime eh? share tea is a new, attractive name :)



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