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171 - Hailam food @ Kuala Kubu Bahru

I perpetually carrying a very anticipating heart to finish a post when I know I have time to blog.
 It was my very first week of holiday after my final exam Sijil Paling Mudah(SPM), and I went to Fraser's Hill-another mountains of Pahang which is an enchanting and rather solitude English countryside with a few of my friends. 

We depart from Kuala Lumpur around 11am and stop by Kuala Kubu Bahru to hunt for food.
So here we go...

Sun Sun Nam Cheong.

 A great stop for me. ;)

 The interior of the coffee shop was old but rather clean. 
Who doesn't feel comfortable when he/she steps into a coffee shop like this?

They offer simple Hailam food which taste extraordinarily different from other places.
Although it's just simply fried mee hun, fried rice, western Chicken Chop, but the 'Hailam' style is there. 

Blame it all on the weather......
That day was extremely hot outside, I was perspiring so much and I know I don't smell good. ;P
So we ordered Hailam Coffee and Hailam Teh to quench our thrist. 
We opted hot beverage because we like to do unusual things. 
Hot weather - Hot drinks
Cold weather - Cold drinks , ice cream , ice kacang . . .

So here it goes... Fried Rice, Fried Hailam Mee & Chicken Chop.

Their service was surprisingly FAST! I think it's only less than 10 minutes. 
Hey, eight dishes within 10 minutes?Yeah. You are right! 

This is nice, seriously.

I like the Hailam style ''Hokkien mee''...
 Their noodles were so flavourful ,a lil bit sweet and salty which comes from the special 'kicap'. (Soy sauce)
They did not use the ordinary yellow mee(kan sui mein) aka alkali noodles to fried it , I guess this is one of the reason why it taste pleasurable to everyone. =)

Fly lice. Hailam Fried Rice.
 Fried Rice with Ikan Bilis Sambal (anchovies chilli ).
A lil bit spicyness zest up the whole plate of fried rice! 'Yummm' was all I can say~

Sotong and Fish cakes together with vege completes the Mee Hailam. 

Rice fried so well as it doesn't taste too dry nor wet.

 Chicky chicky chop
Chicken chop with gravy.
 What makes this customary is the gravy. 
Comprising green beans, shallot, and onion .
Fries and egg serves as our side dish. >.< 
One thing I dislike was the overcooked egg yolk.

Basically everything is nice over here. 

8, Jalan Mat Kilau, 
Kuala Kubu Bharu, 
44000 Selangor 
03-6064 1168
012-918 1003 (Mr.Tan)
Open: 7am – 4pm (closed Sunday)
GPS Coordinates: N03 33.806 E101 39.660

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  1. Why the fries for french fries so little? >.< LOL at sijil paling mudah :P nice one!

  2. hello the food looks nice :) but got hailam style? i only saw the mi hailam with the hailam-ese style there

  3. Hilda : I FEEL THE SAME TOOO!!! HAHAHA! are we french fries fans? *watery eyes* haha
    Fish : Yah.., Hailam style..not bad la...^^

  4. I am surprise you can find such an Ulu place


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