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170 - Levain Boulangerie Patisserie.


After reading numberless post about Levain, finally I have the chance to try it this time. =)
Look at that opulent bungalow,the classy restaurant ... ''Love at the first sight ''says it all.

Interior of the cafeteria.

Elegant design with their ravishing ceiling fan. 

Alluring desserts....
Rainbow macaroons.

Enticing Shortcakes.

Petite Creme Caramel! 

Macaroon itself looks so gorgeous, don't you think so?;)

Enough of their desserts, and let's move on to their sensational pastry...
Everything here is remarkably pleasant to the eye, I just feel like trying everything here .. 
Oh, this is love.

Mini Peach bun.

Walnut bread.
Super-cute Octopus sausage bun!
Raisin bun.

Mini Croissant~yummy~

Look how beautiful and presentable this Fruit Danish is.

They sell variety of jams over there too!
Seafood Pizza. RM6 per slice.

I personally thinks that this particular pizza wasn't that nice compared to other places' pizza because the dough was dry and not fresh. It feels like they have been there for ages. -.-
Big Breakfast comprising scramble egg, bacon, sausage, toast and salad. Hearty and healthy. *thumbs up*

Chicken Pizza.
Wild Berry Tea. The tea was superlatively fragrant. You wouldn't know how nice does it taste if you don't try this yourself.
Cinnamon Raisin Mini Doughnut. Simple dee-lee-cious.
I can't have enough of this life, sitting there on this Saturday Morning.. enjoying the vastly loose-fitting ambiance. . .

God is so so so good. ;)

There's too much to share in this place , I know not everyone of you enjoy viewing all the pictures , so I just simply select a few photos which I think it's nice to share. Do visit this place if you would like to have a relaxing breakfast, lunch, tea time, or dinner. 
I promise it wouldn't dismay you. 

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  1. Is this in Europe? Hahaha! I'm in love even b4 stepping into the cafe. Very nice!

  2. I don't like to eat macrons but i love looking at them!

  3. aww this place is awesome :) the foodstuff are so cute and delicious-looking! i always wanted to go there, but never had a chance to


  4. nice foodie photos again! lol! i am chewing my lappie cos of ur foodie post. :(

  5. Love the pictures babe. Anyway, the food is great, but the crowd is way too over. weekends strictly No No.


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