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168 - Coffee Chemistry Signature@First Subang

Cheers! It's a memorable day for me!
It's the very first time I get to meet up with some bloggers and I am EGGCITED!

Let's begin from the menu.

Baby Macchiato, Baby Latte, Baby Caramel... they sell baby's coffee! ^^

 The purposely set up the tables for the bloggers :)

We were exclusively invited to tour their kitchen too! 
The kitchen is squeaky clean,simple, and orderly.

From Top Left : Baked Chicken Chop with Homemade Mushroom Sauce.
Bottom Left :  Angus Beef Steak with In-House Signature Sauce.

Their Chicken Chop was nice.Love it. 
The sauce is made with mixed herbs, it was remarkably tantalizing. They served with fried wedges and mixed bean salad too! *thumbs up* 
Macaroons are for sale too! ^^ RM3.50 per dainty macaroon.

Wrap Chicken Sandwich.
Took some pics with a few bloggers. Jayren, Elwyn, and Nana.

The only Malay that attended . Nana! She is peculiarly friendly. xP

Chuen & I.

With the two beautiful lady and my SEXY LOOK. =.=lll Choulyew and Choulyin . <3

Photo session with the bloggers .
From top left : April, Charmaine, Isaac, Jayren, Li Chuen, Choulyew, Choulyin, Elywn.
From bottom left : Michelle, Eunice( me ),Benjamin, Hui min( Ben's gf) and Nana (the awesome one).

All the guys with their free pose.v^^v

Pictures taken by Choulyew.

Here's the story : Elywn was trying to act like Edward Cullen, he wanted to suck somebody's blood but unfortunately he did not succeed.
Henry was trying to kill Ben, but he did not because ben's gf was looking at him . ;P

 Yeeing and Ryan is in! Peace ^^Y

So, basically it was a fun day for me as I get to meet new friends .

I hope there will be more to come after I finish my SPM! ;)

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  1. nice meeting you too! good luck in your SPM, and hope to catch up with u again soon!

  2. eh the last picture behind the big black card is a handsome fella right? hahaha... nice to meet u! Hope the police won't suspect me if there's anything happen to Ben :(

  3. What a great gathering and love the wrap as it looks so good.

  4. eee nice one! so sad that i missed it due to my test that afternoon :(


  5. I should've sign larger. Now my sign seems lost in all those big big signature haha

  6. dang....i missed this gathering coz I had a prior engagement elsewhere.

  7. Looks like u guys had fun! Happy holidays, dear!


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