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167 - Snowflakes @ IOI Boulevard.

Pictures speaks it all. 

Soya Ice Series Set 4. Pearl + Yam + Grass Jelly + Red Bean. RM 6.50

Japanese Combo . Green Tea Balls + Red Bean + Mini Pearl ! 

Sesame Sensation. Mini Pearl + Red Bean + Sesame Balls + Peanut Butter Base shaved ice.

Red bean with Black Glutinous Rice and hidden Taro Balls at the bottom. *THUMBS UP*

Thank you. ;P

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  1. ouhhhh eunice bo jio! :( i still prefer the amber jelly and also the taro series... don't like the sesame sensation... boohooo... ;P

  2. I've recently read a post on this eatery. We don't have it in S'pore but the dessert look very inviting :) Enjoy your weekend, sweetie!

  3. been reading about this place many times bt yet to venture to coz always see it's jam packed. must b good

  4. Munkey : haha!!!i did ask u to come over! lol^^
    Shirley : ya, it's nice and refreshing! Must try this when you visit Malaysia! I'll bring you tour Puchong(my area) ^^
    Kucing :yaa, this place is forever packed, anyway, if you do have a chance, try it! ^^ wont regret. Remember to order SOYA ICE SERIES!!!
    Charmaine : u know? xP

  5. Awesome! I live around IOI area lol. Tried that on the opening day and it was quite nice (: Not that sweet tho! Your blog is really nice.... it managed to make me hungry everytime I see it.

  6. me fancy the sesame sensation :]



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