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157 - Trip to Melacca on Merdeka Eve.

Melacca - well known for it's history which I don't give a ... you know~ :P

Well my objective of visiting Melacca is to hunt for food. 

Firstly, I had enough of eying and browsing through peoples' blog about Nadeje Mille Crepe . I've been to Melacca for 126236724378324879 times before but still, I did not get the chance to try this . (Papi don't know where is this place located. )
My 'hunting-for-food-enthusiasm'  pollulate as I grow older...Finally, it's the day I get to savour it and share this in my blog. *winks*

Chocolate Banana Crepe . RM 9.
Mocha Crepe . RM 9.
Every piece cost Rm9 ++.
Berry Berry Strawberry.
Tiramisu : Hi, I'm beside Berry Berry... =]
The first bite of the crepe was like ...

Time after time, it becomes ..
Well, to be frank, don't be greedy, a slice of crepe will be just nice for two person. The crepe is rich and creamy and sinfully fattening; it can be mellow and enchanting if you do not devour it, take your time to consume it, savour every bit of it. Bear in mind , good thing comes in small package. 

Not enough = Marvellous
Enough = Mediocre 
More than enough = Nauseating


Next  , we had chicky chicken rice ball . 
My friend never had this before and he thought that these rice were fish balls. Lol. :D

It was typically chicken rice meal with unusual rice balls. Nothing to shout about.

Next, Satay Celup .
It's my first time here and now I know the concept of satay celup is like ''lok lok'' . The sauce is special because they use peanut sauce as condiment. 
The old folks love it when there's oil floating on top of everything because they say it's the soul of every signature dish, the oils (fats) imply deliciousness . LOL. True ah? *scratch head*

Today was marked as a historical day for me as a young & petite gastronomist-to-be.

I shall named me 'Connoisseur' or 'food bon vivant!

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  1. Wow! Don't tell me you have all of these in 1 days! The chicken rice balls really look exactly like fish ball. Hahaha...

  2. yes Diana, all in one day! xDD =) *FEELS PROUD WITH MY TUMMY TUCKING OUT *

  3. Hahaha.. By the way, I went Malacca on 21st and 22nd of August. Hehehe...Coz I bought super nice offer of Hotel Equatorial and this only available from Sunday to Thursday and not valid during public holiday.

  4. Wow lots of food... i miss melaka's food !


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