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153 - LFC ( Lim Fried Chicken ) @ Wong Soon Kee Restaurant , SS14


Nasi Lemak is one of the popular dishes in Malaysia .
Surprisingly, this Nasi Lemak stall opens daily at 2pm. And by 1.45pm, there's already a long queue at the stall. Ahh, I forgot to mention that , instead of Malay selling it, it's Chinese who sells Nasi Lemak!

People already start queuing up before the rice is ready..

Here's mine!

mutton and long bean.

Sotong with long bean.

Famous Lim Fried Chicken!

I personally don't think that there's anything special regarding the nasi lemak and their sambal. Nothing to shout about, it's typically, ordinarily eatable and taste slightly sweet; their signature fried chicken was so fresh , but oversalted. Unlike other fried chicken, their chicken is not coated with thick batter and deep fried, it was just simply marinated and deep fried it. The meat was somehow tender and juicy... ( with excessive oil oozing out ) xP

So, if you don't mind joining the long queue, you can pay a visit here at ss15!

Opposite MacDonald, Corner lot - Restaurant Wong Soon Kee.

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  1. This is nice, can you check the area is ss15 or ss14?

    Anyways did you taste the fried chicken butt? lol jk

  2. I didnt taste the chicbutt wor... nice ahh? next time i try! XD

  3. I've been to this restaurant a few times. The fried chicken at this stall is definitely the star! :D


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