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152 - The Bakery @ Genting Hotel.

The Bakery.
 Located on top of the hill where we could enjoy the magnificent view from here , surrounded by layer and layer of cozy mist , a forever-tranquil and chilling climate- Genting Highland . A pastries-themed cafeteria named Bakery is locate at the lobby floor of Maxims Genting .
Every single concoction you found here is remarkably delicate. It is intensely fine in quality ,and exorbitanly palatable.

I couldn't hold the temptation to try all the display but the limited room in my stomach restrain me from that. Anyway, I am glad that I've sampled some of these delicacies. Let me share with you some of these elegant cupcakes.

Assortment of cheesecakes, each RM4.80.
 American Cheese Cupcake, Strawberry Cheese Cupcake, Green Tea Cheese Cupcake, and Mango Cheese Cupcake, all these tiny bites of tangy cheesecakes drive all dessert lovers insane!

Not only pleasant to the palate but also the eye.
 You get to pamper your sight before digging in all these dainty cupcakes.

Green Tea Cheese Cupcake.
 The green tea flavor fuse perfectly with the cheese, resulting a refreshing and celestial feeling when you have the very first bite. Covered by a layer of frosting sugar. Though it is slightly on the sweet side but for those who don't mind adding calories to your diet should give it a try. 

American Cheese cake.
 Needless to say, it is typically lusty and sinful but hard to resist.
 Marvellous is all I can say.
 I just can't stop myself to sink my teeth into this oh-so-enchanting flavorsome cheesecake!

Mango Cheesecake.
 Next, the thinly sliced Mango is used to decorate the top of the cake, giving it an appealing and aesthetic beauty , making it too beautiful to be consumed.

Strawberry Cheesecake.
 An ordinary symbolic of Strawberry- elegant. Generally ,female hearts strawberry to the core, not because of the sourish astringency that it gives, but the ostentatious color and glamorous outlook that makes it seem like an edible ambrosia. It has successfully coax me to savor it till the last piece.
I shook my head after every spoonful and said to myself : ' This is so delicious man! '
Raspberry Moulleux - RM 11.80 ++
 The outstanding tincture of this particular Moulleux had actually stimulates my appetite. Wow, the texture, the combination of cream, raspberry , cake base, almond which merge together ..... * Drools *
Every single ingredient that is used contributes its very own flavor and texture, I keep 'ooh-ooh- ahh-ing' between each bites.

Mango Jalousie. RM 11.80++.
 Another signature dish on the menu, Mango Jalousie. I was amazed by this. Imagine eight layer of different element and flavor hooked together and result in such wonderful all-in-one dessert.
A layer of cake base, followed by a layer of bitter-sweet chocolate, fresh cream ,and tangy flavored mango jello. Yum!
Turkey and Onion Quiche. RM5.80.

 Quiche, a salty dessert made from egg and ham. Literally, it comes from a pie family. 
A tantalizing curdy egg and smoked turkey ham sits on a shallow pie pastry and popped into the oven for a couple of moment , and pop! It became Coco Crunch  Quiche!
 A deep breath of this aroma awakens my soul. Accompanied with a handful of fresh garden salad which is crunchy and dressed slightly with sourish balsamic vinegar -- a scrumptious pie which I enjoy mirthfully. =]

Chocolate. RM9.80++
Last but not least, a very unique style for serving a cup of hot chocolate can be found here, too.
A glass of hot milk , with two sticks and a dainty piece of chocolate is given separately.
All you need to do is toss the chocolates inside the boiling hot milk and let it dissolve slowly.

Surprisingly , it is not sweet at all, thus leaving you a guilt-free satisfaction.
What's better to do in this Sunday afternoon besides sipping a cup of hot chocolate, savoring a piece of mouth-watering cake and read your favorite novel in a modish environment ?

Life is full of happiness if and only if you know how to enjoy it to the fullest. 


Breakfast (Daily)
7.00am - 10.30am

Day Menu
Monday to Friday & Sunday
10.30am - 12.00 midnight

Saturday & Eve of Public Holiday
10.30am - 2.00am

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  1. the food looks GREAT. ahhh, there goes my diet. hahah. btw, thanks for visiting my blog. I remember visiting yours a few months before!

  2. wow..Mango Jalousie looks very good...

  3. Mmmmmm.............. ah! Did you get to taste all those! I am so envious now!!!!

  4. Roffe, Mango Jalousie isn't that bad! ^^ very unique...=)
    Pou Leen : Yup, i've tasted all ... delicious!! ^^ when you eat, u seriously gotta 'delete' the word 'DIET'...hehe..or else you wouldn't get to enjoy...

  5. Opps, I dropby at ur blog at wrong time...ur desserts made me hungry in the middle of midnight! haha...really hard to resist!

  6. Ahh...... Hot chocolateeee..... >.<

  7. din know Genting has such cute desserts :(


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