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150 - Dong Cha.冻茶

Dong Cha - In chinese it means cold tea.
Chatime, BubbleTea, Gong cha, Dong cha and O cha cha are getting more and more popular in Malaysia. There have branches everywhere , every mall. All these F & B outlets  shared one common ingredient, that's Tea.

 I wonder since when Taiwanese culture sidle in Malaysia , as I can see, it is slowly stepping into the shoes of Western fare. You see, 'Ying Ker Lou 'Fong Lye', 'Shilin' , ... etc, all these restaurants ,F&B outlets are gladly accepted by us, Malaysians.
Pearl milk tea ,made with glutinous balls and aromatic milk tea is a unique Taiwan invention now available around the world, including Malaysia (Halal ). Anyway, today I am not gonna emphasis  about Taiwan Pearl tea,cause I found another outlet from Hong Kong which sells the same thing.
Ever wonder why everything that comes in 'tea' is that congenial and unobjectionable to everyone? Compare tea with Ice Cream Milk Shakes and their nutrition,  IceCreamMilkShake contains a whooping addition of 20g fats and extra  200kcal calories , WOW, it's indeed a big difference!
*Jaw drops*

Want something refreshing to quench your thirst without loading yourself with sugar?
At Dong Cha, you can adjust the sweetness you want, from
Standard (标准)
70% Less sugar (少糖)
50% Less sugar(半糖)
30% Less sugar(微糖)
and last but not least,
No sugar.(无糖)

Never gonna choose anything other than Matcha & Red bean. <3 Typical me. ^^
There's a lot of choice in their menu, from regular brewed tea to milk tea, hot tea to cold tea, every flavor tastes as good as it should be. =)
I wanted to have second serving but my tummy doesn't allowed me to do so. =( hhmmmph..

Besides tea, Dong Cha also sells Hotcakes. Yum!!! There are variety of flavors such as Peanut Butter,Chocolate, Blueberry jam, Strawberry jam and a lot more! A perfect light snack to nibble on anytime! =)

showing off my red bean nehh.... =P *TONGUE OUT*

Milk Bubble Green Tea.

It's their house tea! Not so recommended , no doubt it is special . 
What makes this particular tea that special is all because of their airy foamy white bubbles. 
Guess what? It taste salty. That's all. The green tea taste typically refreshing and rejuvenating.
Tea,the perfect thirst-quenching drink! 

located at IOI Mall,
Ground Floor, New Wing.
(beside Caring Pharmacy ).

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