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147 - Sakae Sushi .


Sakae Sushi , I eat nothing but sushi. Opps , no,  I got it wrongly, I eat everything but sushi.
Haha. Okay, I was here, haphazardly , since I'm not that kind of girl who loves Japanese food that much, but since I got RM10 coupon from Flavors, I have to take it for granted, right? Hence, I was here. ^^

One of my confession : I love wasting food. (feel bad )
I doesn't mean I love to throw food away once it arrive, I mean, I love to have a taste of everything, but just a bit, what a profligate me...=(

I didn't know what's this, but my cousin said this is SNAIL!!!
 Oh em gee, I had to say that I love the  taste of this bizarre creature... =P

Octo-Octo-Octo Ber Pus. Octopus! >.< Yummy yummy...

Fried Potato patty. Hmm..nothing to shout about. =]

Soft Shell Crab Set . Yummy! Comprising Salmon, Elbi tempura, miso soup and the snail!! >.<

The soft shell crab was dip into the batter and then deep fried. Then it was placed on top of the sauces, slightly spicy, and comprising minced salmon and tofu cubes. Not bad. *drools*

Tadaaa.. The soul of Japanese Food. It melts instantly inside your mouth~ The fresh Salmon will definitely make you go '' ooohhh...ahhhh'' ... -.- ok .Don't think of the wrong side. This is a food blog. xP

Dislike raw salmon? Here you go, cooked Salmon Head . Needless to describe *THUMBS UP*.
Nothing special for me. I am not that into Japanese Food.

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  1. you should take it away for me. I'm starving now.

  2. LOL not that into Japanese food but still . . . u posted it =.=!

  3. Haha... Kian Fai , just to let other ppl who is 'very into ' it , jealous. HA.HA.HA. so bad...=P
    Huoy Chin : haha!! dont read le..later u starve to!

  4. Supia : Zat me la now.....=P=P=P=P=P
    Next time I ask u out, you'll see how i eat!!

  5. Wow. The food. You are definitely making my stomach grumble! LOL.

    Thanks for your concern. I'll be fine yea. :) Sometimes blogs, they are just the right place to vent out. Haha.

    When did you go to Shah Alam? Why so crowded? LOL I pergi not many people oh..


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