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146 - Choong Foong Restaurant @ Subang.

Restaurant Choong Foong 中风 松峰. =P

This restaurant mushroomed quite a distance from town. 
It took us 10 minutes to reach from Subang Airport.
Anyway, the food was somehow impressive. ^.~

The interior of the restaurant has a special aquarium where all the fresh seafood are kept alive. This is to ensure that all the customers get to taste 100% FRESH seafoods. There are Patin, Oyster, Eel, Crabs, Prawns , etc. Variety! 

 We ordered simple dishes, but yet it was so tantalizing! Especially the Fried Kangkung. A big portion cost only RM16. The Drunken Prawn was somehow ordinary, nothing to shout about. The prawn cost RM 40.
We also had ' Pei Pa Duck ',RM50 . WOW! Believe me, this is superb! The outer skin was intensely flavored and crisp ,while the mean was so tender and juicy! Highly recommended! xD
The Pork Ribs was so so... Too bland I can say. 

Asam Steamed Fish.Rm 30.
Do not judge a book by it's cover! I was reluctant to taste this at first because it looks disgusting and not appealing , at all! But everyone displayed their thumbs' up when they took a sip of the gravy. I was curious on how does it taste like, and so I did. 

No doubt,sweet and sour flavor will always goes well when it comes together.
The slightly acidic flavor brings out everything in the plate! Wow,  delicious!* NOD NOD*
It'd actually activated my appetite! I was having pleasure throughout the entire dinner! 
After 10 minutes......
Nothing left .

Everyone of us were full and happy, because... WE'VE GAINED WEIGHT! x)

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  1. wow lots of prawn heheh, nah where got so easy to gain la :P

    thanks for sharing yo :)

  2. T________T i wan also

  3. Kian Fai : who say so? xD
    Houhousek : Go try, i bet you couldnt find this place...xP CAUSE IT'S VERY ULU...

  4. wow nothing left!! must be delicious.. *drools*


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