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145 - A Trip to Sunway Lagoon.

Right after our Mid-term exam, we had a blast.
I mean, literally. 
It's a sagacious plan and decisioin for all  of us to skip school on that Thursday and have fun at Sunway Lagoon. Two main reasons :

1) It's cheaper.
2) Less crowded.

Camera girl(right) and I(left). =) Those who's standing beside was just those pedestrian. . . =] Nothing related to me . *JUST KIDDING! XD
 * I don't know why that girl who's wearing purple colour t-shirt was smiling to the camera..and the boy beside me, was like..ugh... forcing himself to fit in the camera screen......people nowadays....-.-

Paying money to 'Big Ear Hole' (大耳窿). xP

So, here's the bill... RM1120 . =]
None of us wear Adidas, Nike, Lactose, Jimmy choo here... Don't believe? Here's proof.
We just wanna tell the whole world that we'd actually wore sandals and slippers here... *winks~

There were 16 of us. 
The ticket cost RM60 , and additionally Rm10 for the rubber wrist band ( Just in case we lost it ).
Just in case you don't know what I'm talking about..

This is the rubber wrist band . Water Proof . Like Ben10. -.- *childish.
Group photo before we enter. It seemed like we're promoting Lagoon. -.-
After enter also have to take a group picture, to proof that everyone is in. *eyes roll , tongue out *

We don't have to queue at all. =)

Ahh! I am sho EGG-CITED!!! I'm as happy as a baby!
aw. This hurts . My ass. I mean. When there's friction acting beneath your pelvic bones while sliding down, that hurts.

 People, have you seen Sakai before? Or something abnormal which can only be found in the zoo?Or someone who is psychotic?
I got one with me all the time! xD

The one who caught your attention once you eye on this picture, that's him! xD

We had conquer the whole mini roller coaster !!!

I feel like vomiting after this..=S

We played, we laughed, we did stupid things. 

After that, we had dinner at Sunway Pyramid .
and our day doesn't ends here...

We go catch a movie at TGV.
Awesome plot! Awesome storyline, Fantastic CAR!!!!!!

I love this movie , immensely! I did not watch Fast & Furious 1 2 3 4 BUT I watched 5. 
Weird, but I fell in love with it. Imma catch Fast & Furious 6 next time!

We went straight home after movie ! My day was fanta-bulous, what bout you??! xD

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  1. sunway lagoon!miss there soso much~~(lol my comment quite pointless eh xD)

  2. I miss Sunway Lagoon too! Looks like you have a great time with your friends heh!

  3. sunway lagoon! long time havent been there =(

  4. Sunway lagoon and movie in one go? Too much for me to handle ...

  5. meow : haha, go there on weekdays if you want..
    Jessica : Yeah, my friends are awesome!
    Snowman : What? No way, you should find a day to go Lagoon...
    Khor : Haha Khor, it's fun! It's my first time anyway! muahah!! xD

  6. Rm1k++ LOL ! but there were many of you la ;)
    It's been a while since my last visit to S.Lagoon LOL. Feel like going nao :D

  7. What a great day!!!! that night must be sleeping well ler.. hahaha!!

    FAST5!!!! The movie is awesome. =]

  8. Lam : yeah... 1k~! pro leh~!! Anyway, dont go on weekend la.. sure crowded one...=]
    Kahmon : Ohh! yeah... Im so happy cause I've actually lost too much d) hehehe!!!

  9. So funnnnn! I shall make a group trip to Sunway when Im back in KL LOL

  10. Hilda, where are u now ohh?xD


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