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144 - Yu Yee Pan Mee. 如意板面 @ Puteri, Puchong.

Singapore Chilli Pan Mee. RM 6.30.
 The runny egg yolk was so appealing to the eyes...

Chilli Pan Mee Soup. (with bird's eye chilli aka chilli padi ) . RM 6.30
 Look at this!These colourful noodles are made of natural colours which extracted from fruits , such as Dragon Fruit, Spinach, and Pumpkin. x) Though we couldn't taste any difference from Traditional Pan Mee, but I strongly believe that these noodles are added with loads of nutrients ! xD

Fried Udon Black Pepper Pan Mee. RM 7.
All benefits in one bowl. Carbs,Protein,Fiber,Mineral,Vitamins. Perfect meal !
According to the restaurant's owner, this restaurant will be close after four months , start from today, because they are shifting to Sungai Long. So, I guess I will be visiting here more often before I regret. =]

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  1. heheh I will visit there often too since they move to far far away . . . maybe the rental raise lo :(

  2. I'm a pan mee freak and certainly going to try this cos they have colorful noodle.. haha XD thanks for sharing!

  3. eunice! try the 哈哈笑板面! oppsite IOI, haha :P

  4. wow ! colourul pan mee ! shall try soon . =D

  5. Kian fai, they shift because they are going to migrate.
    Qiwen : Oh yeah! you should really try this! Slurrp!!!
    Alyson : I tried , and I love it~!!! Trust me, I've tried every single pan mee restaurant in Puchong. No excluded.
    Jayren : U KNOW THE WAY MEH!??!XDD
    Mr.Lonely : ya, nice and delicious, you should bring some1 to try with u , so that u can be no more mr.lonely...xP

  6. perhaps you can come visit my restaurant to try our homemade KungFu Pan mee (XIN MING Vegetarian Restaurant)^^
    Thank you


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