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Be prepared for what is coming.

Last year I had a vision of coming cataclysmic events that will begin in 2011. This is a word for the wise and for the rest to listen carefully. We are living in turbulent times. Things are not what they seem. Jesus said, that when He returns it will be like in the days of Noah people will be eating, drinking, getting drunk and wasting their lives away thinking that judgment will not come. We are living in those days that Jesus spoke of. Many people in the world today think that nothing will happen to them, everything is just fine, the world will continue the way it always has. Wrong, very wrong. What is coming in the next 24 months will shake our world forever. Mark my words, the United States of America will not be the same country by the end of 2012. There is coming an economic collapse that no one could fathom, but trust me, it will be felt.
We have to seriously wake up and pray. Recognize, that none of us are promised tomorrow. In fact, all we have is today. Last year in November I had written a prophetic word for the year of 2011. I saw things in my spirit in an open vision that are coming to pass right now. Some of the things that I saw, but didn’t have understanding of at the time were the following…
  • Oil will hit $150-200 a barrel
  • The Euro will fall, the US dollar will fall shortly after
  • Riots, Martial Law and Violence erupting in major cities and states of America
  • Middle East will be in crisis, specifically Egypt, the surrounding countries & Israel’s safety will be in jeopardy
  • More massive earthquakes in the Pacific Rim, specifically the Ring of fire will hit like dominoes
  • A major seismic shaking in Alaska that will in turn shake the West Coast, possible Tsunami’s and massive quakes
  • By June 2011 we will begin to see major shaking in the government, economy and societal upheaval in the US like never before
  • The 2012 election will not be a normal election, our nation will be in disarray, there will be chaos in DC and in the streets
In the midst of all this shaking, I also believe we are about to enter into the Church’s finest hour. We are about to see what I would call a shaking for the taking. But we must be prepared first in prayer personally, to check our hearts before we wreck our lives. Judgment can come in an instant, everything that we depended on in this world gone in a moment, what are we putting are trust in? Some trust in horses, some trust in chariots, but I will only trust in the name of the Lord my God. My house in not built on sand, my house is built upon the Rock. When the world shakes, my God doesn’t shake, my reality is not the world, my reality is God. There will be a global economic meltdown, we are about to enter into something worse than the Great Depression. Everything I saw is happening. From Christ Church NZ being shaken as a sign of the times for Church worldwide to WAKE UP, to the 9.1 quake in Japan that was prophesied & predicted by a prophet I know who was visited by an angel in 2010, to the coming global oil crisis, war in the middle east, to the United States losing it’s power because of it’s pride, but if we repent I believe our nation can advert judgment and enter into another great awakening. What we are about to enter into is going to be serious but not without hope. Why? I believe through prayer we can change the course of impending judgments. Look at the story of Jonah and the wicked city of Ninevah. God told Jonah to give a message of judgment and destruction upon Ninevah, but because the city of Ninevah responded to the prophetic word in repentance and mourning, God heard the people’s heart felt cry and relented to from sending the judgment deserved. God is a merciful God, He wants all to be saved and none to perish. After praying with prophetic leaders these past weeks in Southern California about this very issue, I believe we are entering into a “window of mercy” and now is the time to pray, repent and prepare spiritually & practically believing God is the author of hope and the God of revival.
My hope is in God. It is in times of crisis that we are called to release creativity. It is in times of fear that we are called to walk by faith. It is in times of testing that we are called to be a testimony. It is in times of panic that we have an unexplainable peace. We are the hope of the world. We are the children of God. We are more than conquerors. We are not here for survival, we are here for revival. I’m telling you, what is coming in 2011 is also a spiritual awakening so powerful that will sweep the West Coast from San Diego to Washington like this nation has never seen before, it will begin like a small rumbling until we will begin to see spiritual awakenings like in the days of Pentecost, holy fire from heaven, the kingdom of heaven invading the earth, universities will awaken, from Hollywood to Silicon Valley there will be a glory revealed like we have never seen, the kingdom of heaven will suffer violence but the spiritually violent will take it by force, clubs, theaters, event centers, tent revival, stadium Christianity is coming, the creative word being spoken forth, the Gospel being preached with signs, wonders, miracles confirming in a way never seen, new music, new missionaries and a new anointing unprecedented, so powerful it will rattle hell and populate heaven, demons will run and angels will invade, prepare for a spiritual revolution of not only prayer but a massive attack and invasion of light that will shift culture – it will be real. Mark these words.
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.

 (Extracted from Jaeson Ma.)

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