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136 - Banana Leaf Rice @ Klang.

Basically you will be wondering what's so nice about Banana leaf rice?
Isn't that just a banana leaf with white rice?
Yes, it's just banana leaf with rice , but the ingredient and the curry are the souls for a well-known banana leaf rice .
Well, the reason why I was willing to go that far to Klang just to have my brunch was because it's very own unique flavors that couldn't be found anywhere else.
Situated in Klang ,before reaching Kapar Town. Opposite the TNB staff quarters, on the left hand side.

To be exact, just find the KTM and you'll definitely can see a chinese coffee shop named ''yap kee''叶记.

Cabbage and cucumber for side dishes.

And mutton!!!!
Their mutton was incredibly tender, not an ubiquitous high-quality food. The spiciness and the herbs was ultimately wonderful. I just feel like dancing throughout the time while enjoying this particular Indian cuisine.

Oh! You'll gonna love this...
Love their papadam too! ( the crackers )
I just don't mind dirty my hand to feed myself with all these good food. ~.^

Fan-ta-bu-lous. (Fantastic + Fabulous )

Awesome fried chicken.... teeheee....=]

Last but not lease, loads of curry !!!!!
Don't judge food with your naked eyes! 
Taste it before you judge.
Certainly be visiting this place again! 

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